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Alligator Crocodile

Feelings or fears of being attacked or overwhelmed, possibly from within oneself, or by a powerful mother – i.e. ones internal dependence upon mother.

The alligator and crocodile often represent a hidden form of treachery, apparently harmless until it opens its mouth to eat us, such as that of a person spreading malicious rumours or trying to undermine us in some way. Another attack from deep within can be from repressed emotions.

But the alligator as a dream creature is not the same as an external alligator. It is an enormous creature from your own depths, your inner self or core self – the part of you that you are not aware of and are frightened of. See core

The alligator or crocodile is similar to the serpent and depicts the power of the emotions, influences and experiences emerging from the unconscious. If you do not relate to your unconscious urges constructively, conflict can occur. Then you may feel fear of these forces within you – fear of being swallowed, or dragged into dark feelings. That is, of being carried away, or possessed, by fears, urges, ideas, arising from within, or fear of the irrational.

The Egyptians worshipped a crocodile as a guide to the dead in the underworld. It represents not only a threat, but also a wealth of wisdom about unconscious things. It possibly represented the forces of the unconscious because of the observation of the crocodile emerging from hidden depths to lay its eggs on the river bank. In this sense the crocodile or alligator in some dreams represents a personal confrontation with eternity. Depending upon the dream, the crocodile may well depict your fears about your inner hugeness. When we meet this it shows a personal awareness of merging with the many lives held in the collective unconscious. It is illustrated by the Christian idea of being cells in the body of Christ. We retain individual life, but know ourselves as part of an eternal life. This is possibly a natural stage in ageing, as our physical prowess and motivations fall away, this immense inner life begins to open to us. See The Life Will

As some people keep pet alligators, there might be a very personal meaning if one has actually kept an alligator.

Example: Now I looked at the large pool where the river surfaced. A woman swam in it, and was going to enter the tunnels. As I watched I saw some huge crocodiles swim toward her. With great speed and confidence she swam away, obviously being able to match the threat. A group of people in the pond, through their group strength, also dealt with the crocodiles.

Example: I can remember that in the dream another person and I, a male but very indistinct and shadowy, were facing mythical creatures in some sort of odyssey. A strange sort of crocodile or alligator type creature was supposedly attacking me. I had mixed feelings about this. Partly I felt there was nothing to fear about the creature, but another feeling was that it might be able to do some damage. In fact it was biting me across my chest, but all I felt was a very strong tickling feeling that made me laugh.

Example: Now a huge unknown creature began to enter into my awareness. I felt the presence of an enormous creature rising to the surface of something like a swamp or a body of water. At first I thought it might be a whale, but as I paid attention to what was happening it defined into a huge crocodile.

This huge creature looked at me and said, “Mathew, join me.”

I laughed at this because it was so huge, and with so many associations of swallowing things, that I said something like, “What do you mean join you? Don’t you mean that you want to eat me?”

The creature replied to me, “No. No, it’s not like that, I’m just like a submarine. I have all these lives in me. I have many, many lives in me. I am life. I contain the many. You can swim this ocean alone Mathew, if you wish. Or you can join me, you can join the many. You can always, if you choose to live your independent life again and  leave us.”

I laughed here because I had the image of me being independent, stripping off, diving over the side of the boat into the ocean and swimming off. It is something I have often done in the sea, swimming long distances alone, or off to an island out to sea, by myself.

I began to give myself to that great creature which I now understood as the collective unconscious, the unity of lives. It felt as if it was absolving me, much as I had experienced earlier on. (One of those strange and beautiful, and also moving coincidences just happened. I am reading this in using voice recognition, and it is proving to be very accurate. But in the sentence where I said that I felt it was – and the word was supposed to be absorbing me – the software used the word absolving. And here I am again, back in the ocean, weeping as I know there is no judgment on the life I have led so alone and cut off.)


Useful questions are:

What does the alligator represent to me?

What do I know about them?

Am I feeling threatened or carried away by any fears?

In what way is my intuition or awareness reaching beyond myself ?

Do I feel myself part of a larger whole?

See See Summming UpReaction to the unconsciousSecrets of Power Dreaming



-libby 2014-11-26 14:22:43

I dreamt of an old high school friend and I sunbathing at a large pool. I was telling her how beautiful the wedding was and she said it was funny because she saw I wasn’t there. When all of a sudden the dream switched to me walking towards a baby pool with an alligator sunbathing and three toddlers playing. The moms were all talking and I was watching the baby get closer to the alligator when all of a sudden the alligator grabbed it and pulled him under…which at that point the pool seemed deep. I saved the the other two toddlers by dragging them towards me because no one else was doing anything about. It was such a terrible dream.


-paolo 2014-12-01 12:48:39

Hi, had a dream about crocs and gators, my dad was there and pointed it out, we went near and saw baby crocs/gators. There were about 5. And they were inside this tank that was built for them, there were also other tanks but we did not look. Thanks.


-sophie 2014-12-09 4:29:42

I had a dream of a pond full of crocodiles.all my school friends were present in the dream. At first i was excited and later as i saw the pond ….a feeling of fear gripped on to me and told them i could not swim. And then i saw the pond full of crocodile and i did not feel good at all. Please tellme what this means


-Jessica 2015-01-09 8:01:47

I have dreams of crocodiles/alligators all the time. I’ve never been bit by one or anything. Im always running away from them sometimes their not chasing me though. Just last night I was in super mercy water that people brought me to on a boat poop was floating in the water and it was a huge like giant gator like in Lake placid and I was in the water it did NOT try to eat me. I was very scared though. I believe at one point it said something to me. I don’t know exactly what it said but this is probably the second or maybe even the first dream I’ve had where the alligator talked. I have alot of alligator dreams they are always completely different and I’m always usually scared but it seems like each dream I’m getting less scared.


    -Tony Crisp 2015-01-11 10:11:39

    Jessica – Please read the following as it will save a lot of time writing to explain the difference between the dream alligator and the waking one, http://dreamhawk.com/approaches-to-being/questions-2/#Summing

    The dream alligator/crocodiles are and can never been harmful. Like all dream images they represent things about you, abilities you have, or new dimensions of you. Even if they swallow you it is just an experience of going deep inside yourself. The alligator is a way to begin to meet your core self. See http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/core
    The gator is talking to you because all dream images are parts of you and have intelligence. Your dream characters and animals are intelligent and purposeful. They have a semi independent life within you until you integrate them. You create them unconsciously using your energy, positive feelings and motivations. Avoiding them leads to the loss of your full potential and health. I am not suggesting you immediately meet and integrate all your many aspects. That takes time, courage and a form of strength that only grows as you mature in this new environment. What is important is to remember your goals – integration and wholeness – growth into a new level of ability and maturity, a new connection with others and yourself. You do this by claiming and loving all that you are.

    No computer, however amazing, can yet do what your mind does in creating a dream. It produces a living being such as a dream character that can have a conversation with you, and in doing so draw spontaneously from huge areas of your experience or memories. Behind the image lies enormous data, emotional response and created patterns of behaviour. So the main thing to remember at this level is that you are in a full surround databank of fantastic information. You can tap this information just as you would with any person, by asking questions and prodding for a response. But, even the trees and animals in your dreams are also enormous reservoirs of information, linking back perhaps infinitely with your potential and experience. So try using http://dreamhawk.com/dream-encyclopedia/acting-on-your-dream/#BeingPerson by being the alligator, or use http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/paper/#Writing



-Tai 2015-01-20 14:23:57

I dreamt that my family and I were going on an adventure in some type of wilderness where all the different predators of the animal kingdom. I remember feeling worried and concerned. Perhaps even anxious. But my family was thrilled and care free. My fiance took his shoes off and went skipping through a section in the water that was clearly alligator infested. You could see a swarm of them from the path where we came down into this animal kingdom den. The path led from a parking area and up ahead you could see some sort of camp ground with other people and their families. Water on both sides of the path and tall trees caved this den in. It seemed as if we could only move forward. The alligator killed my fiance…. I was obviously devastated and in a lot of pain. It didn’t consume him. It just attached him. This is a reoccurring dream. At least the location/setting. The only thing that changes is the people and the animal at the center of it.


-Stephanie 2015-01-23 9:52:03

Hi I Dreampt I was flying down a river in Brazil (I’ve never been to Brazil) the thing I was using to fly wasn’t very good so I kept ending up almost in the water which at points was full of crocks and dead cattle at one point. Enitially I went upstream but then came back down stream.The river then ran into a tunnel but with a white plastic tunnel above it which I had to climb up to and had small spiders in it and in the middle a camel spider eating a tortus. There where also three French tourists from Normandy in there who I spoke to.


-kelli 2015-01-25 13:07:37

I had a dream me n my wife were out with my dad and she was wading in like a kiddie pool and there was an alligator nearby. We asked her over n over if she was crazy and what she was doing and she said it was fine. The next thing you know the gator chomped down on her shoulder and started eating her. I tried like hell to get it off her but the grip was so strong. Please help.


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