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This suggests your ability to be in control of a situation. This might be control of anxiety or sexual feelings or emotions. If the brakes are working they allow a feeling of confidence in dealing with life. See: Car.

This could also point to social situations. In other words we might not be taking notice of the ‘stop signs’ in social settings, personal relationships or as far as the law is concerned. Maybe it is about the motion of events that you could stop.

Brakes not working: Might suggest high anxiety or losing control of a situation or events, thus may indicate a fear of taking chances or initiating things in case they get ‘out of hand’; difficulty in controlling sexual desire or emotions.

Our brakes might not be working in some settings, such as in a relationship or work. This could mean you collide or are on a collision course with someone or with a situation. Banging into another car, person or house would depict this.

Example: Then there’s snow on the ground and I’m on a dirt road. In the snow, I skid and lose control. I realize as I pumped the brakes that I have no control, so I just sit there and steer to a soft as possible “crash” into a bank. I sit there, wondering what I’ll do now! Barb.

Example: Dreamt by a man who reported making love to a girl and finding it difficult to stop short of sexual intercourse. ‘I was in my car driving along and I wanted to stop the car immediately but my brakes would not work. This went on and on until I wakened.

Example: In an Edgar Cayce-interpreted dream we read: I was driving down a lakeside road close to an embankment when suddenly I appeared to go over the edge. I had time to jam on my brakes before I reached the edge, but instead I did nothing. I jumped out of the car into the lake. The car fell on top of me and I was killed.”

Cayce: This is a warning to change conditions in the physical body while there is yet time! Don’t just think about it. Do it!—Now! The lesson: To know how to do good and to do it not, is sin.

Useful Questions and Hints:

What part are the brakes playing in this dream – to avoid something; to stop; to control speed?

Can I recognise how I use control and release in my life, and how well I can operate them?

Why am I dreaming of brakes at the moment – is there a situation I am in that needs skill in controlling or letting go?

Am I feeling anxious about what is happening to me sexually or emotionally?

Have I done something that is like running through the red light?

What is it I need to review about being in control?

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-Katy Webster 2016-03-14 10:42:14

I had a dream, I was driving down a steep hill. I stopped to let two large lorries filled with packages drive out in front of me.

I started driving again and the car was damaged (I don’t remember how), but I was unable to stop the car. The brakes did not work and neither did the hand brake.

The car was veering down the hill at high speed, I decided to jump out of the car. I landed safely on the ground and the car hit about 6 other vehicles. No one was hurt. The police and the other car drivers were very understanding. I didn’t feel scared.


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