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Cold Coldness

Often used in a dream to show how we or someone holds back any warmth or acknowledgment. Therefore it often indicates held back emotions, feeling abandoned, without love or hope and having no emotional warmth, or experiencing fear. This can link with an inward, lethargic, introspective attitude.

In some dreams it suggests feeling neglected or ‘left out in the cold’, and occasionally appears in dreams connected with feelings about death.

Cold flesh is about the lack of sexual or emotional warmth and the living flow of feelings and ease with oneself or others.

Cold spell: This is a term when from warm weather the temperature suddenly drops, and in a dream suggests that the warm feelings you had about someone or life have suddenly ‘chilled’ – or that you are in an environment in which people are cold to you. The following dream illustrates this shift of temperature and also the conflict and death (of love or feelings) that can be associated with coldness.

Example: There’s solid ice and snow all around. Everything is solid white. I’m blinded by the white ice and snow, I feel cold, I’m shivering and I think I’m close to death. Then all of a sudden a huge hand reaches out and grabs me. I recognize the hand. I stare at it for a few minutes. Then I grab the hand. I recognize the hand as the man I have just started to date. What does this dream mean? I’m confused about my relationship with this man, confused about my feelings…

Feeling cold: Suddenly feeling cold, or shivering with cold can be an expression of conflict or avoidance, even fear. When we pull back from something emotionally, or are frightened of our own inner feelings, we often experience a temperature drop, and possible sudden tiredness. It often happens when we are opening to the action life within us, but are in conflict about allowing it. See Life’s Little Secrets

Idioms: catch a cold; cold comfort; cold shoulder; cold storage; cold turkey; cold feet; in cold blood; cold call; cold refreshing; cold murderous rage; cold sweat; left out in the cold; out cold; throw cold water on it.

Useful Questions and Hints:

Can I see any sign of coldness in my waking life – and if so what is it about?

Am I cold, or is someone else cold in the dream?

If the surroundings are cold, can I see there is not much warmth in my environment at the moment?

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-Til 2014-05-11 14:38:30

Icecold hand taking mine next day that person was declared missing and never found


    -Tony Crisp 2014-05-12 10:17:31

    Til – In the dream did you know whose hand it was that you held?



-Shelby 2015-12-20 20:29:22

Last night I had a dream where by boyfriend asked if I was cold, we were outside in the snow. I told him yes because I was, I couldn’t feel my toes. Even though I was dressed in winter clothes. For the last few months I’ve been feeling conflicted becasue I’ve been together for over three years with him but he hasn’t proposed. I’ve also been thinking lately that I would like to have a child. So maybe this is why?


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