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To dream of a hurricane can indicate many things; approaching danger, frenzied emotions; feeling as if all power has been taken from you and you are tossed around by forces you have no control over; an overwrought and tormented mind; or even excitement at some passionate and exciting experience.

But if you can tolerate the emotions, fear or excitement, the outcome of these hurricanes of feeling can be joyous. For if you come through they lead to realisations that were hidden behind the emotions or fears. You will have conquered your fears and become a much bigger person.

 Example: I notice that there is a terrible hurricane coming up. I call out to everyone to go to the cellar. Charla is asleep. I go to her and finally have to pick her up and carry her as she wouldn’t wake up. My grown son who is gay and his fiancée are there.

Example: Our house had storm shutters and a storm cellar. Dad had already gotten food, clothes and blankets, and we went into the cellar. The hurricane hit and we were safe, though we didn’t have power for a while. They named it Hurricane Juno.

Example: Huge thunderclouds boiled into formation, but just as rapidly shifted and went. I said to the people in the room that it looked as if a storm was coming. But of course the clouds had all shifted. Suddenly however something new happened. Instead of thunderclouds a huge spiralling wind formed – a hurricane. I felt the excitement and danger of the situation and I think I called to my friends to warn them. Quickly the huge column of twisting storm moved down the open countryside directly toward the house. At one point I thought it changed course and would miss us, but it turned back and came straight at us. At this point all the distant view was obscured by a whirling mist. It was suddenly dark as the massive whirlwind blotted out everything but its own presence. Then it hit the house. I was expecting the roof to be ripped off, but there was no sound of rending or breaking. There was great tension though and I turned to look out of another window across the room facing the opposite direction. I could see great turmoil as the wind hit people and objects outside. It presented a great contrast with the house, unmoved and unshaken. Through the window it appeared as if an earthquake were lifting people up and dropping them. The earth itself shook and rolled like it were water rippling.

The dreamer had found the strength of his core self, which left him unshaken.


Useful Questions and Hints:

Did you run from the hurricane or did you meet it?

Where is the strength in you to face such things?

Is your house/self build upon shifting sands, or upon the rock of self realisation?

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-Braiden 2016-10-04 22:24:26

I dreamt about not one but multiple hurricanes, coming from a specific area. It was surrounded from where I was located and it seemed that its origin was from the west, coming to box the city in from the east. I saw like a birds view or some sort of map of it in the dream. Was I within the storm? No, not yet. I was a part of a team of group of people to calm the Hurricanes, yet I knew none of the people on the boats. They all seemed like adults and I were the only teen. we all went by boats, the oceans around us were stretched out for miles, the Hurricanes weren’t quite at our city yet.


-Mitchell 2017-07-10 12:02:15

Okay, I had the craziest dream, I need help. I had dreamt that there is a hurricane coming. Everyone knew but me, so I have to grab all my stuff now. I know to get so I go and get it. It’s fine, we’re gonna drive to a small town pretty far away. Then dad asks me my opinion of which of two paints in the hallway. Dark black or light blue.


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