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Fierceness; temper; anger; In Christian symbolism it represented power to protect against evil. See: leopard.

Useful questions are:

What attitude or feelings is my dream panther expressing, and how does that relate to me?

If I imagine myself as the panther, do I feel anger, power or fear? (For help doing this see Stand in Role under peer dream work.)

Is it a male or female panther and what does that lead me to feel or associate with it?

What is my relationship with the panther and what does that suggest?



-colleen 2014-06-13 4:21:13

Hi Tony, I had a dream the other night where I was looking up on a hilltop at night, and there were 2 mountain lions there, when they saw me they started to run down the mountain towards me to attack, but my 2 pet panthers ran to cut them off. I went and stood in a corral to protect myself (It was like a corral or pen you would see in Africa or somewhere, quite crude and made of sticks). I remembered the corral to be mine from when I was growing up(only in my dream not for real) and it was an old corral, and had lots of weeds and sticks in it and I was kind of grossed out to stand in it, I said to myself “Oh this is the wrong corral” and then I woke up.


-Christine 2014-10-12 11:21:39

In my dream I came across a black panther. Then I chopped its paws off and carried them in my bag… I also remember having found a cc cockatail bird & keeping it as a pet. Went to a pet store to get it supplies. I didn’t have my money so I attempted to steal… I don’t steal. weirdest dream I’ve had in a while…


-Terry 2015-01-16 16:01:44

Lastnight I had a dream that a black panther was my pet. I played with it and felt comfortable around it but then it started to attack a 2 year old and I had to shoot it. What does this dream mean?


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