Fascinating People


Great and unusual people are living proof of how amazing it is to be a human being. They show us what we are capable of, and what the extremes of our abilities are.

William Blake – Psychologist

Woman – The greatest love story in the world

An aboriginal woman’s story.

On Being A Man

Adventures on the London Underground

The Mind Bomb – The story of Hofmann and LSD.

Listen – A lighthearted look at my teens.

Schermann –  Graphologist Extraordinaire

Shirdi Sai Baba – A traditional guru.

The Sighted Blind – The story of Helen Keller.


Sigmund Freud – The father of modern dream interpretation.

Journey Through Mind – The story of Jesse Watkins.

Rudolph Steiner – His philosophy of life and death.

Edgar Cayce – Demonstrating the cosmic mind.

Sri Haranath – one of the great modern Avatars.

George Washington Carver – One of America’s great unsung scientists and spiritual giants

Franz Anton Mesmer – The father of modern therapy in the West.

Alfred Adler – The practical psychologist.

Eugene Aserinsky – Opening the door to modern dream research.

Dr. Wilhelm Reich

Carl Jung – His subtle teachings.

Ramana Maharshi – A great Indian master.

The Man and the Master – The story of Cheiro (Count Louis Hamon)

Pak Subuh – The founder of the Subud Brotherhood, and a spiritual path. See also – Subud.

Women Poets – Rosetti and Browning

Nature versus Nurture Debate

Shipwrecked in life

Solomon Shereshevskii – The man who remembered everything.

Evelyn Penrose – The great dowsing adventure.

Padre Pio – A modern saint.

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