The Cake

After eating a cake, A gift from a well meaning friend, I knew a long fantasy of sex. I saw woman after woman Lowering themselves onto my erect penis. As I saw face after face, […]...More

It Goes On and On

Looking at advertisements In shop windows today – I saw a young women posing With tight shorts and brassieres. I could see the whole world Trapped in a continuous urge To procreate, manipulate, on and […]...More

Story of my Body

Today I sat cross-legged, Allowing my arms and trunk To move as they wished. There seemed to be no theme at first, As there often is when I give my body Freedom to tell its […]...More

A New Being

I came upon it in my wildest moments, Watching my friend move through The strange geography of death. He had passed through the terrain, Over rocky places and over frontiers Of the mind and of […]...More

In Awe

Dear Two Armed Form   What do we do with all this?   We bear it with tears and laughter, With wonder. We fly in it, Dive deep, Come up gasping for more.   We […]...More

Thursday in Australia

I came down the stairs, wood bare and talking their talk with my sandals as I took each step.  And I went into the kitchen, cool now as the sun has gone from its windows. […]...More

It’s For You

Magic moments when you hear the bell ring thousands of miles away on the telephone. Then your lover answered. What thrill!...More

Knowing You Knowing Me

When you have loved someone and been with them day after day, and then they asked you if I know them - here is my reply...More

The Monster

I am telling you son, There are monsters about. And I am not saying this To give you bad dreams at night. ...More

Unexpected Light

The toilet was looking beautiful and alive; So soft and rounded In its lovely curves. And it was calling me, In its own gentle Peach coloured way. “Please use me and flush me,” It said. And I understood, This was its whole rich life....More

Dark Night

In this dark night, I dreamt a dream. And in that dream, I saw a church, Built with a chapel Of the opened crocus. And I knew it spoke of Sexual love, That lifted up The river of Life Beyond its usual borders....More

The Horse that Loved Me

I danced with my woman on the sloping roof of the barn. Twirling and laughing together under the bright moon. Close in the warm night — And the horse that loved us longed to dance with us, To share our human joy....More

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