The Swimmer

Unknown to myself I am the swimmer. Music I do not hear Moves me toward The sea I do no know. For I am the music – Each movement A beat Each swift turn A passage In the flow of life....More

Temple of the Animals

I travelled deep into the wooded mind of remembered things, into the jungled heart of forgotten faiths. And there in buried strata of memories, I stumbled into a grand temple, alive and watching, weighing me....More

Strange Bird

A dry hot wind was blowing. Blowing away the dark and the wet. Blowing the sadness from the land, Calling away distinctions, Smoothing separations, With magic, making all Golden and yellow....More

Perfume Landscapes

I was walking home Past a winter flowering shrub When the vista opened Of perfume landscapes. Then I wandered along Streets of fragrance, Exploring the bread shop And made hungry as the Restaurant fanned its Aroma around me....More

Lumpkin and the Magic Pouch

Lumpkin is a figure who appeared to me in a dream. Since then he has grown in importance for me. Now here is a full description of how he came into my life and the changes he wrought....More

Kimberly Calls You

My darling, I press into your world to help free you from the chains imprisoning you. You know they are there. You feel them when your world does not fully claim your attention. Memory comes like a gentle warm breeze. It carries the perfume of times when you were free, when you were part of all that...More


Kimberly loves you in a way you have not been loved before, with an unearthly passion. If I could say only one thing about Kimberly, that is what it would be. I hope you realise I mean it literally – that you realise someone who is beyond anything you have known a human person to be, exists and o...More

I Wake Again

One day I woke, And in waking I realised My life was a dream. Not the dream while we sleep. And it wasn’t me dreaming it. I don’t know how, But in the moment of waking, I glimpsed who, Or what, Was dreaming me....More

In the Beginning

I began to talk as LIFE, saying – But it is us human beings Who wrote all the holy books. All of the stories arose out of Me. All of the music, All the fears. All the possibilities of life Arose because I AM. Because I as humans Became self aware. Then all this wonderful Array of qualities aros...More

Glory Shone Around

And I had a dream – That glory shone around, Down from the skies. And a vision arose – A vision of great power, Energy pouring down Upon the Earth And on the people....More

Girl in the Wood

This is a place of dreams, and in a dream I met a maiden in the wood full of enchanment. And then the god Pan stood beside her and urged me on … but…...More

The Egg of Juno

Here was a wonderful dream I experienced. I woke in sleep and found myself in a strange place. It was not a country or environment I immediately recognized, and yet it was familiar to me, as if from long past times. And there were companions with me, men and women; and again they were familiar, yet ...More

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