Expression of things in life and yourself that you feel threatened by. You may feel an urge is sinful, so you repress it. Your dream then presents it as a demon or devil, not necessarily because it is, but because that’s how you see it. Thus, a person who has terrible feelings of guilt about sexual urges, may represent them as a demon threatening to possess them. Therefore a demon may represent guilt, hatred, feelings of uncleanness, aggressiveness or desire for love, and so on. See: Devil; Satan.

Although many dreams about demons are probably reflecting anxiety feelings and struggles we have with moral issues or sex, sometimes the battle with demons can be about our body fighting a virus or bacterial infection. See: devilunder archetypes.

Example: We were trying to cross the hall diagonally toward the exit, but were constantly attacked or haunted by black demons or ghosts. I was fighting them off, but the struggle went on and on as they came back. Then toward the end I had a large pole and I was smashing them aside shouting, “By the power of God within me, I dismiss you” – or words to that effect.

The dreamer says of this dream, “I felt a slightly sore throat as I became semi awake wondering about the dream. I remembered that yesterday I had a flu injection, and what I arrived at was that the blackness depicted serious illness that I had been fighting off. As I was looking at this the black demons became very real for me and I felt I could not really dismiss them as an influence. I struggled and struggled with this, as I had in the dream, but now semi awake. But gradually I became aware of peace, a solid unmovable peace – a steadiness of consciousness – and the steady peace seemed to dissolve any threat I felt. Also the sore throat went.”

This suggests how we can deeply influence our health and recovery by our attitudes.

Example: I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that someone I know (an old family friend of my parents) had purchased a new house, which was not yet furnished. But the house is apparently possessed by the Devil. We, some friends and I, have been called into the house to analyze the situation. Each time I speak the word Devil or Satan, the lights of the house switch off automatically on their own.

Well, I decide in consultation with the people and in my thoughts in the dream to perform an exorcism on the house. I chant some prayers for the house to be cleansed. (These are Hindu prayers, and parts of Psalm 99 from the Bible). I find myself standing with some friends in front of a life-size rectangular mirror which has been kept against the wall, facing us upright on the floor. When I stand in front of the mirror, I cast no reflection on it. But my friends do.
Throughout the dream, I was not afraid even one bit of trying to challenge the devil or in my entire thought process.

Here is an interpretation of the dream’s meaning: I think here is the answer: “When I stand in front of the mirror, I cast no reflection on it. But my friends do. So I hear myself say that “The devil is doing this to the mirror cos I am fighting to get rid of him.””

In the best of Hindu and Christian traditions, you are the Devil because at your Core you are everything. In Hindu there is the saying, “You are That” – or “I am That.” THAT being the Divine. In Christian belief we are told, to quote: “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them”.

As an image of God you are everything. And that is why your dream did the little trick of showing you without reflection in the mirror. Once you realise that dreams create an external reality of our inner world, then an aspect of you become exteriorised. As in past ages this was a world that people lived in, they made the devil and God as exterior to themselves instead of realising the truth about themselves. That we are all, in our core, the divine.

Having watched a person meet the devil in their dream exploration, what they arrived at is very helpful in understanding your dream devil. She saw that her lack of self esteem, her self doubts and depression were like an open door that allowed destructive feelings and fears to enter. These attitudes or feelings may have been inherited from ones recent or ancestral family. She saw these as portrayed as the Devil.

The words demons or evil spirits in the past really meant, ‘invisible but powerful influences that can make you ill in mind or body’. They are what today would be called viruses, bacteria, or trauma we that we are unconscious of.


Useful questions:

If I think of the demon as the difficult feeling in the dream, what (feeling) am I actually afraid of?

Have I been raised to believe certain things were sinful or evil – if so that?

Am I haunted by guilt or something I am ashamed of?

See Dreams are a reflection of your inner worldTechniques for Exploring your DreamsThe Con About EvilMartial Art of the Mind


-Hunter 2016-12-11 16:50:52

I had a dream. I dream I was on a trip with a few friends after an adventure through a magical world where i made magical friends and met spiritual beings.
So prior to the trip with my friends there was an event similar to a graduate’s ball, and there was a magical being attached to me. I was trying to identify the magical being that i could not see and was helped by another magical being which looked slightly similar to a short tree. It laughed at the invisible being that it was still small, undeveloped and useless and that it was called “Andeeson”.
I got slightly angry and left after the tree tried to tempt me to go to him and join him.

The next day, I went on this road trip with a girl A who looks a bit like my friend and a good male friend B and another female friend C and i think a vague idea of father like figure was there too.

So we went water rafting . There were other people participating, and we were trying to catch up and I was trying to be the first. Through the process of I got excited and sort of high.

Then the rest of the team wasn’t rowing because i seem to be rowing well on my own. While i was trying to catch up with the rest through a cave filled with natural sunlight i managed to nosedive into the gushing river while still feeling high and confident that i will catch up. But in the end I got injured.

When i woke up I have no evident injuries, someone explained that one of my friend A took my injury on my behalf and she took the scars on my body and i am now blessed with flawless skin. So wanting to thank her I went to look for her at the campus (seems to be her campus too but i seemed to have graduated as well). As i was looking for her and I bumped into the other girl C, I noticed she was in white with bob like short hair. She seemed to be limping a little. Right there my instincts told me that she carried my injury too. At this juncture, she seemed to offer to help by pointing out the direction where A was and i seemed to be accompanying this tall guy with prince charming innocent knight like aura (friend B?) instead and i’m like a friend who is going to help him look. He was looking forward to meeting her, to thank her and because he was slightly in love with her. So we went to her studio to look for her, but she wasn’t there. We asked around and a few of her course mate told us she was there to meet one of her lecturer but the lecturer always picked on her.

So a little worried and shocked she was bullied and happy because we know where she is, we went to look for her. There we saw a panel of judges (lecturers) and a slightly plump spectacled male lecturer with balding hair on the right side of the table.

The handsome guy asked him where she is. The lecturer said no idea, but i managed to spot a bloodied foot peeking out of the cupboard. I went over and the handsome guy opened the cupboard and there she is naked, covered in superficial bruises and blood clots with her eyes wide opened looking lifeless, limp with no reaction.

I chased away the crowds and I shouted to him that i will handle the lecturer (which i spotted sth was wrong with him, his head was retracted into his body and ominous black shadow was appearing in its place forming into a weird small witch like top-hat.

The handsome guy carried her and left. At the same time, I pinned the lecturer down on the floor suppressing the weird lecturer that went mad with guilt because he got exposed for his indecency. I was in a dilemma if I should eat and swallow the black shadow thing that replaced the lecturer’s head because i’m not sure of the consequences. Then demons with dried blood on their charred skin started to swarm the room and I woke up.

-Bselaru 2016-12-11 12:28:15

So I find myself in this mountain region with caves, tunnels and old buildings, with creatures( monsters/demond) and humans. After I was chased by them and after a while somehow I turned into a demon/monster, something black emanating black smoke and some parts of my body glowing with a warm color. So after becoming this creature I started hunting monsters/demons and chasing humans(to scare them) in this area. Super powers I got :super speed, super strenght, metamorph, seeing anything that was alive through walls/objects. After I killed some of those creatures/demon I waked up.

-Dylan 2016-12-08 22:53:51

I had a dream that a creature or demon had fallen in love with my step dad but he had ran away from her. She is in my house and my parents tell me to listen for a certain sound wich lets us know she is near. They tell me she is only here to cause pain not death. When we hear the sound she comes in the room and walks toward me. The has a hammer in her hand as she aproaches I struggle and kick away but she poisons me and numbs my body and brain as I wached her pound my teath in with the hammer

    -Tony Crisp 2016-12-09 12:48:50

    Hi – I am sorry to suddenly stop replying to dreams like this, but I must upgrade the dream dictionary – I started the revising in 2006, and haven’t got near the end yet.

    So for a while I urge you to read

    Also here are so ways you can find your dreams meaning – or and

    Hundreds of questions about your dreams have already been answered if you scroll down to the very bottom of the page were people’s questions/comments were replied to. Also see


    I have worked hard to help people understand their life experiences – including demons, devils and Satan – all of which I have met. I explain it all in the latest feature

    I quote some of it here

    • He flew/travelled across the countryside, and then suddenly was in his home in London, hundreds of miles away. This illustrates the tendency to see all things as they appear in the three-dimensional. In the 3D world you have to travel, and so he/I saw himself travelling to get home. This accounts for a huge amount of misinterpretation of the ‘bleed through’ experiences. In the 4D world where everywhere is present, so in fact there is not ‘out of body’ experiences, because one doesn’t need to go anywhere. To properly understand this see
    • He was not a double of his body in bed but was dressed differently. Also, a very important point is that he flew because he believed he had to. In fact, the rules of dreaming apply to the fourth dimensional experience. I said at the beginning that you can hold a body part in your hand, but you cannot hold a thought or emotion, because they are occurring in a different dimension. Also, in this dimension, as described, his thoughts and belief CREATED the world or experience he was in. This means that whatever we think or believe is a reality at this level – the mind. So, if you believe in demons or vampires, heavens or hells, then you create them at this level which includes the dream world and the world of the dead. So thoughts or beliefs that you are a failure – or success – become a reality in your mind and emotions. Anything you believe you cannot do is like brick wall in your way. This is so VERY important, because you are CREATING yourself.
    • All the images, people, animals, places we see in our dreams and 4D experiences, are simply your own feelings, fears, hopes, senses and wonder projected onto the screen of your mind as images. So, it makes sense to take the image of your dream person, thing, or animal back into you and own it. In that way, you are actually meeting and dealing with the things about yourself you are not owning or conscious of. You can do this by using Being the Person or Thing

-Mariela 2016-12-02 0:31:20

I had a dream that me and my family were eating dinner and I noticed my little brother was missing. Then I looked in the backyard and u saw a foreign couple and my brother sitting on the porch. When I looked at him his eyes were all black. Then I looked back at my family and they all had all black eyes. Then I tried to run away and all of a sudden I was in a place I didn’t recognize. Then I ran into the guy that I like and he was asking me what was wrong and then I saw a car pass by. I was screaming at the top of my lungs then the lady that was driving the car opened the door. Then I told her what was going on and then she started melting away and my family showed up in the car. Then I tried to run away again and then my mom caught my arm and started flying away. Please tell me what this means and reply.

-Bizz 2016-11-22 4:49:09

Hey I just woke from a freaky dream
So it was my dad mom and me parents aren’t together so so we were all together anyways. My mom said let it happen or something. Everything went quiet a glass of wine was knocked over and it wasn’t falling out. My dad was missing and I could feel something scary coming spiritual. This is my second dream tonight. I didn’t watch scary before bed I didn’t eat chocolate. I did how ever travel 6 hours today to get to Paris and didn’t sleep on the plane. It was like time was standing still and something was gonna suck our souls. You couldn’t escape it.

Another one I keep getting is of this blonde girl she nwvwe makes eye contact but she’s not well she comes knocking on my door I can see her from
The Window but she’ll never look u right in the face but she’s always coming for you.

My friends think I’m nuts I am in a good way but these dreams suck.
Please help me

-Andrei 2016-11-22 0:57:39

Hey. Today I had a dream that there was a ghost in the house. I was scared of it but at the same time I tried to fight it. Then it took on a physical form trying to kill me, I tried to shout so everyone could hear me. I couldn’t do so, I tried to shout but nothing was coming out. Noone was there to help me except me and the ghost that took a physical appearance. I forgot the rest but I knew that I was fighting it even though no one helped me out. I fought the thing alone and all I knew was that at the end I succeeded.

-Adam 2016-11-08 20:35:40

Hi tony, I’ve never done this before but I’ve woken up quite shaken.
I will say that in parts of the dreams there was many cats in one place and I felt as though at one point at a house in the woods I was being watched, it made me scared in the dream, i was uneasy, the cats were fine though they didn’t do anything.
But towards the end, I’m walking with my mothers friend and my little sister, when she gets too far behind and two men grab her.
I run as fast as I can but it’s as though she’s disappeared, maybe she’s to the side but I’m far too focused on these men who have to be demons.
They have completely black eyes and are filled with bad intentions, the strange thing is one of them throws a light blue bag to the side, does a blue bag mean anything? It is then that he begins to attack me, but this demons friend just stands to the side, and I don’t understand why my mothers friend was simply screaming for them to stop and not helping. Note, I’m only just about to turn 18 and I’m quite small, so it’s not surprise that I wasn’t able to fight that well.
The demon has a knife and he repeatedly shouts that he’s going to kill me and he seems so pleased about it. He manages to stab it into my thigh and begins to drag it through the skin, it’s honestly like I can feel real pain in this dream it was horrific, especially when I reach down with my bare fingers that end up cut as I take the knife from him and stab him right between the eyes.
The thing that disturbs me is nothing happens, he’s still trying to kill me, he’s still yelling the same thing and it looks and probably sounds gruesome but no matter how many times I stab this demon in the same spot between the eyes he doesn’t die and doesn’t seem affected, and I wake up.
I got a throbbing pain in my head shortly after but it was gone fast, I just don’t understand this dream.

-Henessy Domingo 2016-11-08 3:58:22

Well i have a dream, we are arguing with the demon if i let the demon get my cousin. So i said yes coz my cousin and I got into ah fight. I didnt feel any scared or what, i did just felt like the demon and i were ok. When i got home and told my mom what i saw and who i talk to. The demon was in the front of our house and smiling like were friends. So my mom told me to defeat the demon even the demon haven’t done bad to me. So i when i came out from our house to fight it, the demon was gone. Now i can still imagine his face smiling widely to everyone.

-taylor delance 2016-11-03 16:40:43

id have this dream but in diffrent sequences it starts out nice or funny then it starts off in next section with me fighting a demon looking completly human with a metal stonish dagger the glowed with a red outline while i had a red bloodly stone knife and we were fighting each other and it was always a black haird male idk why he keeps appering but i want to know why he has reaccuring present ik we have a peaceful ghost follows my mother i am in my teenage years but please explain why i cant and they cant either

-MELISSA 2016-10-31 13:47:06

In my dream it started off as myself I was going to a store to find something I needed. Then there was a lady there I seemed to know she started telling me about things that were upcoming (of course I can’t recall what they are after I woke) then I saw this other person as she was telling me stuff this lady was on a phone and was all about making this huge sale of a home then all of sudden in am at this home but it was almost like now I was watching a movie because there was a brief preview of what was about to happen before it did…she was going about the house making certain changes to make it more sellable she knew there was something wrong with it but wanted to have a huge sale. Then there was a child all of sudden with her she laid the child down in a room to sleep but then in the dream like I commented why would you leave the child alone when you know there is evil. But I stated it like you would when watching a movie because she could not here me. Then she continue through the house but now I am following her but then at times it feels like i am her. Then she proceeds to talk about what she is doing and why like talking to me. Well in each room there are sign cards that say do not enter meditation satanic possession beware.there was alot more signs but can’t remember what they said. Well then all of sudden there was like this spirit orb I could see floating through the air (this is what saw in preview before it happened) there was this music like satanic and chanting then this orb spirit started to turn into a priest but with a Freddy cougar like face ( saw this as well preview before) and then the lady was standing by a pillar trying to hide but then the demon started after her once it made formation and then it turned into like it was me then here just went back and forth. But as she was trying to escape stopped thought oh no the child in the room he is going to get that poor baby i commented again saying this is why you should have not left the child alone it was again almost like viewing on a screen at a movie. When I was waking i could still here the demon chanting evil versus and i stated to feel sick to my stomach. When in fully woke i could still feel the presence of the dream but my upper back near my shoulder and neck burned like it was on fire. I am still very shaken by this dream

    -Tony Crisp 2016-11-01 12:26:22

    Melissa – Everything you believe in becomes a reality inside you in your feelings and fears.

    Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so, all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    So, your demons and satanic feelings are all your own creations. This is not theories from a book, but I have met demons, Satan, death and hell and most of them are powerful instinctive urges that have been restrained and become bad – which we call evil.

    You run away from your fears instead of seeing them for what they are – your fervently held beliefs.

    Example: Then the dark creature leapt at me, transforming into a massive mouth with huge fangs and awful demonic face. Immediately I leapt at it in the same way and smashed against its face with my own huge fangs. This utterly disarmed it because it had felt, in its primitive way, to terrify me. It surprised me too that I could so immediately transform into a monster when necessary.

    I too speak with the dead, but I have no sense of darkness or evil about the dead or death.

    I wonder whether you were left as a child and so suffered the terror children experience at such times. Or did you have a difficult birth, which can bring about awful feelings if dark rituals and devils.

    Our emotions and body form an enormous link, and we can be very ill by such feelings. See –


-Ellyn 2016-10-15 23:35:32

Hello Tony, i just woke up from a dream. I tried to save some people from getting possessed by a demon. I chanted all the prayers i knew from Catholic church including The Creed. They both appeared to be saved. The next day when i woke up and peeped through my window, the whole town seemed to be in a weird formation in a ritual and singing songs i dont recognize. I had the urge to escape by going through the back door of the building and jumping over an old wall. I found myself running in fields till i got to the next city. Then i found myself sleeping back to my room with the demon sitting next to me watching me sleep. It was a female. She tried to reach for me and put on my make up faking motherly love. I felt terrified, expecting her to hurt me any moment. Other girls came to my room and were very nice to me. The dream ended.

Pls reach me thru my email. Greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    -Tony Crisp 2016-10-17 10:09:11

    Ellyn – Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    So you cannot be hurt in your dreams. You cannot drown, you can’t die in a dream, no demon, spirit, tiger or other animals can harm you. Of course you can feel feelings of dying, or being hurt, or drowning, but they are all images you create because you feel afraid and you haven’t faced up to your fears.

    The only thing that can do you damage is fear, hatred, suspicion or a feeling of being a victim. Such feelings are the creators of all our sense or dreams of evil, or things that scare us. Your Bible if you actually believe in it says all that.

    I know because I have met zombies, the devil, and they are all things we create out of denying the wonderful and holy life in us, and the repetition of the name of prayers is a trick to make us a little more confident. But it doesn’t work because the evil is in us – the fear, hatred, suspicion or a feeling of being a victim.

    If you actually give your whole being to God nothing can hurt you. Though of course, the demons of your own fears may be cast out of you.

    Please think about and read


      -Monicca Pacheco 2016-10-24 14:05:17

      I’ve had dreams about the same man for as long as I can remember. At first he was very helpful in every way.then I got to be that I didn’t want to wake from my dreams any longer I wanted to stay with him always. Believe me I can see and feel him even while I was awake. I believed he was real in every scenes. I had fallen in love with my best friend at this time you see.. As time went on I finally opened my eyes and seen him Fir who he really is and I told him I want nothing more to do with him ever.. But he wouldn’t hear if it..he said if I can’t have you no one else will and he so ever gets close enough to you will b no more… He’s held to his word fully .. Scarry huh I think so. ..he has tried in every way to get me by taking forms of different people to seduce me back but I can see through all that and I can smell him no matter what he did. Then I started having dreams of me protecting all forms of life from him cause he won’t hurt me but he will them .. So I stand behind them as I forcefully push them to safety… I can feel him breathing down my neck I’m very scared at this moment I’ve seen myself as a Mayan sacrifice in a very huge full moon beautiful. My dead grams came to warn me about the process I lose my daughter but i save my mother and I’m walking down a narrow rocky ridge with men armed with gun to shoot me then I wake. That’s just one dream I have a few more that I had continuously. Wats weird with this one is that obevif the people I had saved I ran into later on in real life and it scared her to death and I felt her I knew who she was as she did me as well. How can that be?

        -Tony Crisp 2016-10-27 10:01:01

        Monicca – Whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen, so that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

        It is also important to realise that all the images, people, animals, places we see in our dreams, are simply your own feelings, fears, hopes and wonder projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind as images. So, it makes sense to take the image of your dream person, thing or animal back into you and own it. In that way, you are actually meeting and dealing with the things about yourself you are not owning or conscious of. That is why dreams are often difficult to understand, because we are hiding things from ourselves. To do this you can use –

        So, it seems you have a great fear of being dominated and frightened of a man, and if you take it into you as suggested you can end these dreams.

        The other thing about connection with people is that you seem to have the ability to shift into another state, but you do not appear to be in control of it. You can shift into a timeless and spaceless state where you can experience what it is like to be that person. Here is a person’s experience of exploring the condition.

        I seemed to go through the ground to what lies underneath. I don’t literally mean under the earth, but underneath people, underneath the events in life, what is usually hidden; only I felt it like going into a vast place underneath everything. I understood that this was what is usually called the unconscious, or in past ages the underworld. In it I felt at the roots of all living things. I found that I could think of anyone I knew and gain insights into what they were like inside. This was because this place, or condition I was in was like a space underneath a town. From here you could get into anyone’s house. You could touch the roots of trees and all living things, because they all emerged from here. My own sense of myself was different too. I knew without doubt that I had existed throughout all time. If I asked a question about the past, I knew just what had happened then, the whole struggle of humanity to grow, to meet itself. I knew because my central self had been a part of it all.

        Obviously you have the ability a little bit but cannot direct it or understand it. If you wish to learn more you could try using –


-Pauline 2016-10-08 17:31:07

I had a dream that I was taking al shower late at night in my apartment. Everything looked the same as when I am awake. But I felt a presence that made me feel uneasy so I looked to the bathroom door which I usually leave open. The rest of the lights in the house were off. I didn’t see anything in the door way but when I looked towards the mirror there was a reflection of a demon that looked like me leaning on the door and just outside of the bathroom like if it was trying to stay mostly in the dark. I saw its face and hands clearly. It was looking at me with an evil smile. But nothing on the door or in the hall it was just in the mirror. What does that mean?

-Alexis B 2016-09-28 15:01:20

Hello Tony, I had an interesting dream this morning (not too long ago) about this very large and evil demon. It was dreadful and so scary looking and I couldn’t quite catch its name throughout the dream until the end.. It would steal children for a hundred years then if the child couldn’t find its way out forever be the demons child to keep. This demon would manipulate things to win in its favor. From reading your article I pieced together what I was dreaming about and I thank you for that. I live with endometriosis a disease that doesn’t have a cure and can cause infertility for some women which makes sense in terms of taking children. One person in my dream who warned me about the demon is someone who I went to high school with and is currently pregnant. So to me a lot of this makes sense. Endometriosis can cause so much pain in can shape how you plan you day in which I relate that to the demon manipulating things in its own favor..
This was a terrible dream and hopefully I never have it again.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-29 10:18:34

    Alexis – Thank you for telling me your response. It is very helpful.

    I realise that the medical profession says that your condition in incurable, but they only investigate the body from a point of view of mostly dealing with symptoms. That is wonderful in cases where it is obvious something can be done. But I was involved with a person’s baby that was born with the need to be on oxygen. But oxygen taken in that way can lead to blindness, which the baby was fast experiencing. But taking vitamin E can prevent it. Also the baby was not growing hair of gaining weight. I suggested giving the baby a full range of vitamins. Quickly the baby gained weight and grew hair. The specialist had done nothing.

    I knew that it was doctors who had researched and wrote about such findings as E vitamins, and the whole range, but I never hear of doctors prescribing them, they always use chemical drugs that all have side effects. I read years ago the that vitamin A is vital in fighting infections of the mucous membrane, the eyes and skin. Knowing this I use it fairly regularly, and my eyesight has improved though I am 79. A neighbor of mine who suffers with his eyes, who has to constantly use drops in his eyes – treating the symptoms – completely refuses to try taking vitamin A. I see this as having total trust in doctors.

    I learned, over long years, that while one might not be cured, one can go a long way in getting better using one’s own healing process. So it might help to learn how to tap into this power by using and experimenting with diet and vitamin supplements, especially vitamin E and C along with a quality multivitamin and mineral capsule containing iodine.


-Angela 2016-09-27 14:53:13

My mother has been dreaming about the demon trying to get her. What could this mean? She had stated that she saw the Virgin Mary first then two guys were trying to tell her to go with them. She said “in Jesus name” to them one guy melted, the second was hard to defeat, as she got closer to him she kept saying “in Jesus name” then he finally melted.

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-28 9:49:31

    Angela – To understand what your mother’s dream actually means, you must realise that whenever we dream its images are not like real life, because a dream is nothing like outer life where things could hurt you, but is an image like on a cinema screen that even if a gun is pointed at you and fired it can do no damage – except if you run in fear; so all the things that scare you are simply your own fears projected onto the screen of your sleeping mind.

    So a demon is simply an image of something that scares her. Demons and the devil were names given to invisible forces that caused awful effects in people’s lives – things like mental illness, sudden illness or mood swings causing terrible effects. Of course artists started drawing pictures of the things, which led to people seeing them in dreams.

    But after fifty years of investigating dreams, and actually personally meeting and dealing with such demons, I tell you they simply are repressed invisible psychological fears your mother has. The repeating of, “In Jesus name” is an ancient way of producing a feeling of confidence and is completely missing the point, because instead of meeting the fear and discharging it she represses it so it can arise again. Of course in the past they had no generally understood understanding of the unconscious and it influence on our waking mind and dreams. See


-Erika 2016-09-22 16:35:37

I had a dream this morning that scared me a lot.
I was dreaming i was with a friend that I dont talk to that much but kinda still do and idk where i was but i had appeared to be talking with her and her new born that she just had(which she doesnt have a newborn but a 3 year old) and all of the sudden like the newborn knew there was like something wrong and started crying. I turned myself around and there the demon was attacking me, I screamed and tried pushing him away but he had in a hug mode where one hand was on my breast and the other on my back holding me up to him. I started to chat a prayer that my mom taught me when i was a kid: Cruz cruz yevate el diablo y dejame al nino jesus (Cross cross take the deamon and leave me baby jesus) all the while i was making the cross with my hands. I woke up still doing it and chanting the words scared as shiz, like i felt the had still in the places he had them..
I’ve had this dream more than once but differently..but the same demon..
Please tell me what this mean if there is a meaning!

    -Tony Crisp 2016-09-23 10:21:23

    Erika – Many of us are brought up in a belief system that was very relevant as recently as 300 years ago, but we have learnt so much more since then. I am talking about the old Christian beliefs. As you can see, the prayer your mother taught you didn’t quite do the trick, although it may have worked for her. But you were born in a different time and beliefs.

    I too had to face demons, and my magic words didn’t solve the problem, and I had to learn new things to actually face and clear them. It would take too long to write it all out for you, but please read which explains so much.

    What you are dealing with, if you have actually read the above link, is fear, maybe from an inherited past belief system, and from films which play on outdated beliefs.

    Your dream friend is not about her, but about the ideas you associate with her – motherhood. The devil is the word lived backwards, and it is all about the tremendously important parts of our life we have repressed, so they are turned around into demonic feelings. Instead of living them we turn them back against our self, causing fear, depression and illness.

    Your dream seems to be repressed desire to have a child or a fear of it, linked perhaps with fear of sexual feelings – holding them back is a huge creator of awful dreams. See and also


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