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Old Age As a human being we are many things and have been many things. We have been the sperm swimming to the precious egg; the fetus that passed through all evolution in its growth; the helpless […] More Office This can indicate feelings about or relationship with work, feelings about authority or self expression in the world. It can also suggest a businesslike or efficient attitude, something you are going to work at efficiently. […] More Observatory Astronomy This often shows the dreamer experiencing expanded awareness – i.e. seeing or knowing beyond their usual senses allow. This may occur for various reasons. See Using Your Intuition and Answer to Critics As such it […] More Olives Because of the mention in the Bible of live branch and the fruit of the olive, it has the associations of peace and immortality. Certainly with healing. So olives in a dream may represent the resolution […] More Oak Strength, perseverance, mightiness, sheltering, protection, hardiness, fruitfulness. Continuance in the face of difficulties, or facing of hardship. This has probably arisen from some of the harsh climates oaks grow in, like on rocky sea cliffs. […] More Oar Means of directing your life through the influences or currents that try to take you off course. May also have a phallic significance due to its in and out motion. Could be used as word […] More
Oasis Feeling values, sympathies, growth of living emotions within the aridity of materialism and dry intellectualism. See: Desert. More Oats Sexual energy. Wild oats being the expression of youthful sexuality and sensuality. Also nourishment, or basic sustenance. See: Corn. More Obe OBE’s have been reported thousands of times in every culture and in every period of history. A general experience of OBE might include a feeling of rushing along a tunnel or release from a tight […] More Obesity See: FatPerson. More Obscene It is reasonable and healthy for all of us to have a dream which surprises or shocks us occasionally. As dreams partly deal with aspects of our urges and fantasies which we do not allow […] More Obsession We are all obsessed or possessed in various ways. For instance, we may not be able to walk down the street without shoes, or be unable to appear in public without a collar and tie, […] More
Obstacle This suggests you are facing some difficulty that you feel is blocking what you want to do, or your freedom of action. The barrier can be external or internal, so you need to consider what […] More Occident See: West More Ocean See: Sea, Water. More Octopus Depending upon whether you are the octopus, it may symbolise the desire to ravenously seize another in your emotions and possess them. Or it may represent fear of being possessed by such emotions, either in […] More Oculist The aspect of self that attempts to improve our view of things, or gives us a false view of things. See: Spectacles. More Odour Depends entirely upon what is smelt, what emotions surround it. For instance, you can say ‘I smell a rat’, or something smells fishy or the whole situation stinks to high heaven. A perfume can remind […] More
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