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A bell in your dream can be a warning, a signal or something calling for your attention. It might also be a summons, depending on its context in the dream.

A bell such as that in a church might indicate rejoicing; it might be a signal that someone has died, or suggestion of a wedding, or simply a practice of bell ringing.

Occasionally in some dreams it is a reference to breasts which swing like bells. See Like Bells.

Telephone bell: Someone trying to get your attention or an attempt to communicate.

Doorbell: Something new coming into your life – negative or positive depending on dream; hoping for contact with someone.

The Final Bell: This suggests the last chance to do whatever the dream indicates. It is worth attending to it.

Diving bell: It indicates that you are ready to go into the deep unconscious – or are already exploring it.

Idioms: all the bells and whistles; bells and whistles; clear as a bell; had his bell rung; hell’s bells; rings a bell; with bells on.

Useful Questions and Hints:

How am I responding to the bell, and what does this suggest about my relationship with what it signals?

Am I the one ringing the bell – if so what am I trying to do?

What do I feel is coming into my life?

Try being the bell or a person in your dream by using Being the Person or Thing.



-Cindy Nitche 2014-10-11 18:12:30

Hi Tony, I was searching your site for this answer and didn’t see it. Many times, in random dreams, I will hear my telephone ring, only 1 or 2 rings, never anymore than that. It has nothing to do with the rest of the content of my dream. Thank you, Cindy


-wendy 2015-08-03 23:40:05

I had a dream of someone pulling rope for the bell to ring and top of a wall there was a Virgin Mary..what can that mean because it get crazy a man was with me then he pass way..
can you help me? Thank you


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