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See: Sea, Water.


-sylvia 2012-12-25 14:32:38

waves of the ocean was getting stronger coming towards my business partners. i was shouting and asking them to get away from the waves and running towards the sea and on to the right side that was deep and the waves came rushing approaching me and it was white and the waves very high. the partners shouted. however i was safe – think was thrown to a safe place by the waves. partners were also safe. i keep dreaming of water and just can’t understand. i dream quite a lot swimming against the currents ( the flow of the river) of rivers. last time dreamed of swimming right in the middle of the river and i made it. can you please interpret this to me. thx


    -Tony Crisp 2013-01-01 9:44:29

    Sylvia – I get the feeling that you have had or about to have anxiety about your business ventures. But the dream says that although you feel it is anxiety making, everything will work out okay.

    Maybe the business weather seems threatening, but in fact everyone survives.

    Also swimming against the current means either that you are someone who goes your own way; makes up your own mind and direction – and makes it work; or else you are fighting against the way things are going.



-Mandy 2017-11-09 23:15:16

Last night I had a very vivid experience whilst asleep. I was in the ocean and was stuck under the water in a wave and the water was very rough around my head. I had the sensation of not being able to breath. I remember thinking I don’t wont to die, as I couldn’t get my head out of the pull of the water. It went on for a bit I had a very strong feeling of panic and survival at the same time. Next thing I woke up with a gasp of air. I had surfaced so to speak. Can you please help me with what all of that means, please. Thanks Mandy


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