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Wise Woman

Sometimes this is a disguised image of the way you feel about your mother. It can also show how you are relating to your core self and what you are getting or learning from it. […]...More


Concrete in dreams represents how  you can mold yourself in different ways, for concrete can be a floor, a wall, the strength holding things together, a statue, barrier or a viewpoint that becomes a concrete reality. […]...More


The first part of this entry applies to both girls and boys but a separate section for girls is given here – Teenage Girls Yourself at that age, so the attitudes and responses developed at that […]...More


Intuitions about the cosmos; the perhaps almost unnoticeable promptings or motivations which occur through life leading us in a particular direction – destiny; hopes or wishes. In some dreams a star or stars, represent what […]...More

Monitor of the Unconscious

A way to understand this is to consider the now commonly used monitors one sees at the bedside of critically ill people. Such monitors depict in the form of an image – a flashing moving […]...More

Contents & Acknowledgements

CONTENTS Features – a list giving all the features, not necessarily in the dictionary entries, but all with links to the website or published in another format. Acknowledgements to Revised Edition  Introduction The Magical Dream […]...More


It may be a sign of your fears of being attacked. Sometimes in male dreams it is about a sexual theme – guarding a female person. At times it tends to be saying, you, the […]...More


Predators in dreams can indicate the sexual or someone or something that watches, plans and lies in wait to use you often in awful ways. Apart from animals that are part of natural cycles, there […]...More


Windmills are used to drive millstones to grind corn to flour – in dream terms this means to make your personality in it ntaural form – the grain which is a seed – into flour […]...More

Department Store

Because such a large store can supply all your needs, from food, perfume, clothing to electrics, it is like a one stop shop. Why are you visiting the store – making choices or decisions, looking […]...More


Many dreams of cobwebs stress age, death, of old palces where nobody has lived or been in for ages. So it might relate to either being lost in past memories in which there is little […]...More

Bat Bats – Flying

The flying bat is often associated with the devil or vampires, night or death. It is a creature that can see in the dark, lives in caves, and so is an aspect of unconscious inner […]...More

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