I Ching

Hexagram Thirty Six

Ming I (Pro: Ming Yee) – Fading Light   Winter comes to every summer. Darkness follows each day. Circumstances may not allow your light to shine into the world. The fading of the external power […]...More

Hexagram Thirty Seven

Chia Jn (Pro: Jee-ah Rn; the last vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Harmonious Relationships   When the receptive qualities maintain their receptivity and nourish what is received, and when the active […]...More

Hexagram Thirty Eight

K’uei (Pro: Kway) – Contrariness   Water and fire do not mix well but are both important and can work together as when water is boiled in a kettle. In this situation care must be […]...More

Hexagram Thirty Nine

Chien (Pro: Jee-en) – Obstacles   Problems are evident. Certain directions you cannot take. Moves toward those unsympathetic or offering difficulties are not recommended. Obstacles, even danger, beset this enquiry. It may feel like being […]...More

Hexagram Forty

Hsieh (Pro: Shee-ay; the second vowel rhymes with ‘Hay’) – Releasing   Tension has developed. Now is the time to discharge it. Recognise its source, and as with thunder clouds and rain, stay under cover […]...More

Hexagram Forty One

Sun (Pro: Soon; but with a short vowel, as in ‘Book’) – Decrease   Circumstances have led to a major dwindling in your fortune. The hexagram shows this as having arisen out of the relationship […]...More

Hexagram Forty Two

I (Pro: Yee) – Increase Now is the time to receive, whether from within oneself or from the world. The road is straight leading to unexpected rewards. Extend, dare the new, make the journey. There […]...More

Hexagram Forty Three

Kuai (Pro: Gwy; rhymes with ‘Buy’) – Emerging   There has been a threat or opposition, perhaps for a long time, but this is being resolved. Nevertheless there is still the need for care. Emerging […]...More

Hexagram Forty Four

Kou (Pro: Go) – Intimacy   When intimacy occurs, power is gained to influence the partner. Therefore honesty is necessary in order to define how this influence is taking place. The influence may in fact […]...More

Hexagram Forty Five

Ts’ui (Pro: Tsway) – Congregating   It is a time to bring people and resources together for a cause. In this spirit one may stand in a temple or church in congregation, giving charitably and […]...More

Hexagram Forty Six

Shng (Pro: Shng; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Advancement   The humble can now rise to great success. Nobody of power opposes this issue. Those in authority will receive it with […]...More

Hexagram Forty Seven

K’un (Pro: Kwn; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Spent   Life is not without its opposites. Oppression and opportunity exist together in this enquiry. The situation has used up reserves and […]...More

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