I Ching

Hexagram Twenty

  Kuan (Pro: Gwun; rhymes with ‘Fun’, ‘Done’) – Encompassing Vision   Standing upon a mountain one can see the path one took to reach this moment. In view too are the paths one can […]...More

Hexagram Twenty One

Shih H (Pro: Shrrr Her; but with the ‘r’ of the ‘Her’ not pronounced) – Grinding With effort and feeling we chew over a problem, and succeed. This takes exertion, but the outcome is of […]...More

Hexagram Twenty Two

P’i (Pro: Bee) – Symmetry The fire at the foot of the mountain cannot be seen far off. Rowing the boat against the tide, one can make progress, but success comes slowly. It is not […]...More

Hexagram Twenty Three

Po (Pro: Por; but with the final ‘r’ not pronounced) – Shedding   The enthusiasm of growth is missing. It is a time of shedding and losing. Let things fall, like the leaves in Autumn. […]...More

Hexagram Twenty Four

Fu (Pro: Foo) – Renewal   New beginnings. Seeds germinate. A time to wait upon the processes of inner growth. A new cycle begins successfully. At this conception of something new, it is the time […]...More

Hexagram Twenty Five

Wu Wang (Pro: Woo Wung: rhymes with ‘Flung’) – Unsought Kindling   From a sense of unity the power of creative word and deed touches you. Persisting in the way that accords with the situation […]...More

Hexagram Twenty Six

Ta Ch’u (Pro: Da Choo) – Revitalising Restraint Richness of possibilities confronts you. As the sun rises warmth pours out if there is a clear sky. There are no clouds now and there can be […]...More

Hexagram Twenty Seven

I (Pro: Yee) – Hunger Satisfied   Each relate to their needs in different ways. Some push violently from their hunger and some seek with care. Be aware of what is hungered for, and in […]...More

Hexagram Twenty Eight

Ta Kuo (Pro: Dah Gwor; with the final ‘r’ not pronounced) – Excess   When the seed pod is full the pod must burst open. Too much experience leads one to seek quietness. At full […]...More

Hexagram Twenty Nine

K’an (Pro: Cun; as in Cunningham) – Without Form You may walk upon the water while the ice is on the river. But when the ice melts the pathway has no form. With awareness you […]...More

Hexagram Thirty

Li (Pro: Lee) – Dependent Light   The candle flame depends upon the wax for its light. Its flame kindles as many candles as touch it. Each igniting others. The light of your own mind […]...More

Hexagram Thirty One

Hsien (Pro: Shee-en) – Magnetic Merging   Opposites, or those in need of each other attract. It is a time when taking a partner or marriage is favourable. The mystery of attraction and interaction reaches […]...More

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