I Ching

Hexagram Fifty Two

Kn (Pro: Gn; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Power In Stillness   Listening to the voice of the silence, beyond the confusion of thoughts and senses brings us to the centre […]...More

Hexagram Fifty Three

Chien (Pro: Jee-en) – Tenacity The tree growing upon the mountain survives amidst the rocks. It grows slowly. The mild survives with the powerful. The young woman marries an established man. The hexagram is represented […]...More

Hexagram Fifty Four

Kuei Mei (Pro: Gway May) – Fertility or Readiness   The image of this hexagram is a young woman becoming a concubine for an established male. This was acceptable in China, but nevertheless required great […]...More

Hexagram Fifty Five

Fng (Pro: Fng; vowel so short as to be almost non-existent) – Fullness   When the sun reaches its zenith there is fullness, followed by a slow decline. All things are working together and a […]...More

Hexagram Fifty Six

L (Pro: L; vowel as in the French ‘T’) – The Traveller   Upon the mountain a fire shows a traveller is surviving in rugged terrain. Persistence is needed to make small gains when meeting […]...More

Hexagram Fifty Seven

Sun (Soon; but with the vowel short as in ‘Book’) – The Gentle Power   A favourable wind carries us where we wish, if we can yield to it with an open sail. The collective […]...More

Hexagram Fifty Eight

Tui (Pro: Dway) – Joy   When the inner and outer world are in harmony, when what is natural in oneself is not forced to act against itself, and there is a foundation of personal […]...More

Hexagram Fifty Nine

Huan (Pro: Hwun; the vowel rhymes with ‘Fun’ ‘Done’ etc.) – Scattering Melting   Although there is a pit one could fall into within this query, and danger is at hand, success is nevertheless firmly […]...More

Hexagram Sixty

Chieh (Pro: Jee-ah) – Disciplined Release   There is much to receive, but there are difficulties in dealing with it. Discipline is needed in balance with dropping restraints. To unbound restraint entirely leads to losing […]...More

Hexagram Sixty One

Chung Fu (Pro: Joong Foo) – Self Truth   There is great inner strength in this matter, as there is confidence in worldly affairs. The confidence and strength arise from two aspects of the hexagram. […]...More

Hexagram Sixty Two

Hsiao Kuo (Pro: Shee-au Gwor; but with the final ‘r’ not pronounced) – Aiming Low   When the seeds are planted there must be a period of inactivity. Being too forceful on the land will […]...More

Hexagram Sixty Three

Chi Chi (Pro: Jee Jee) – After Completion   When a flower is blooming it has reached its peak, and yet its glory is already set to fade. When it does so, it will form […]...More

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