Wonderful Life, I look around and see what you have built, and I admire it. I see you have built such beautiful things, such variety and I want to learn. I want to learn how […]...More

Our Reaction to the Huge that we Are

We are all subject to the forces of growth – it is one of the main functions of life. But because growth is a push toward change, change that we do not want to face, […]...More

Casting Out Demons

We must all at times have seen something or heard something that circumstances assured us shouldn’t be there or should not have happened. One that has occurred to me a few times is that I […]...More

Debi Wanted to be Dead

Quoted from Russell Lynn’s book, The Wonder of You: What the Near Death Experience Tells You About Yourself – If you wish to own the book see  The Wonder of You Debi wanted to be dead. She said […]...More

A Child’s World

I was witness to an awful enemy that entered the life of my son, it was like a destroying army. It tore down the castles, and put torch to the villages and harvests of his […]...More

Mind and Movement

This is an extension and exploration of Carl Jung's statement that an easy way to start a process of overcoming personal difficulties was to realise that the way forward is, "individually different... oftentimes the hands alone can fantasy; they model or draw figures that are quite foreign to the co...More


Thinking about people in general, or particularly the people I tried to communicate with through my web site, I want to say to them, “I am standing with you. I am a part of your […]...More

Encyclopedia Of Dreams Life and Human Mystery

Thank you very much Tony, the Encyclopedia looks very vast! Thank you very much for the encyclopedia it is very useful and interesting to have it under that form as an encyclopedia. With much love Jacquie...More

And it’s not just me who says it

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…..  So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. (Genesis 1:26-27) […]...More

Black Americans or Black Race

  If you are black, most of you have been purposely deceived or lied to by the white race, which presents itself as the originator of culture. But the truth is that the black race […]...More


La parte de nuestra persona que aún tiene contacto con los procesos naturales de la vida, en nuestro interior, y se siente unificada con el resto de la naturaleza y el cosmos. Ver africano, persona […]...More

Touched By Wonder

Transforming Experiences  By Lynn Russell From her book  The Wonder of You What follows is the introduction to her wonderful book, but her introduction is like being touched by wonder as well. Lynn has given […]...More

My Body is a Moving Sea

ENTERING A WONDERFUL ABSTRACT WORLD   Sharing with Tony while trying to give words to “This Abstract World”. Water Woman: When I reflect on what I experience when I Open up to Life and enter this state […]...More

Levels of our Being

 Long before the reptilian brain formed, creatures still lived and survived because of the development of their nervous system, what we call the spinal cord. But even prior to that development, single and multicellular creatures […]...More

Life In Us Is At Work All The Time

Work is fundamental to life. Everything works. You wouldn’t exist if the cells in your body didn’t work. If they didn’t contribute their lives, if they didn’t love each other, if they didn’t give themselves […]...More

There is a Huge Change Happening

And many people are largely unaware of. It is almost an upheaval of the very ground we take for granted – REALITY. You see, many people still believe we are just flesh and blood, and […]...More

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