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Despite the wonderful things I write about here. I wish to stress that I am an ordinary person, who has lived a very ordinary life, working at such things as a photographer, nine years as a kitchen porter, and then many years as a plumber, decorator and handyman. I learned from my experiences that every person has within them the wonder that I was privileged to experience. I feel that nobody should make out they are in some way better than others, or more spiritual, for as I saw, we are all born with the same amazing potential. Okay some of us carry a very heavy load, but that doesn’t make them less superior.

I had very little education as I was asked to leave school as soon as I reached fifteen. I believe that any education I received has come from reading and from the wonder of learning to be like a keyboard on which something more inclusive than my normal personality could play.

The only reason these experiences came to me was that for nine years I tried to become an open heart. I allowed all of my emotions and physical feelings, pleasure as well as pain. I tried to learn not to repress emotions or hold my breath as so many do. As Jung said, “Do not edit what emerges. Do nothing but let things happen.” That is what I tried to learn for nine years before I broke through.

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