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Ambulance Most dreams about an ambulance involve feelings of emergency, or panic. Often the dream involves some injury or life threatening situation to someone, so therefore concerns the stress felt by some part of our personality. See: accident. […] More A prisoner of your limitations, or a traveller of wider possibilities Western science has in the past painted a picture for us that suggested nature and the universe is one vast impersonal and almost mechanical process. When you travel beyond the frontier of your own personality […] More Are there dangers in spreading your wings? There are dangers in virtually everything we do in our everyday life. People die from normal activities such as driving a car, eating out and the electricity in their home. We take it for granted […] More Atlantis Atlantis is no longer either a tact or fiction. It has become something greater than both-a hope in man’s breast! It has become a symbol, a quest, the lost continent of himself. It is all […] More Art gallery The gallery suggests your experience of dreaming or creative imagination and self-expression. It shows the results of your creativity, your innate skill as an artist of your own live and love. A gallery is also […] More Albino What is it that in the Albino that so peculiarly repels and often shocks the eye, as that sometimes he is loathed by his own kith and kin? To dream of an albino human suggests […] More
Atheist Dreaming of an atheist or being one oneself may simple be that one does not agree with what the organised church teaches, or because the person does not believe in God. But being an atheist […] More Ashram Dreaming of an ashram usually means you are on a quest for your core self. You may receive important instructions or lessons from your own highest level – usually shown as a wise being or […] More Animals Animal Situations – Click on that for things like baby animal and fear of animal. But please search for single animals by name – for instance Bear, Lion, Cat, Tiger, Horse and Dog. When we were growing […] More Axe An axe is primarily for cutting things down or for cutting them into smaller units. It is also a formidable weapon; so what part is the axe playing in you dream? See: weapons. Idioms: Axe to grind; […] More Awareness See: consciousness; Levels of Awareness; Brain Levels and Dreams; Unconscious. More Attraction See: emotions and mood. More
Attitude See: emotions. More Ate See eating More Athlete This is not about whether you are athletic in an external sense, but about the dedication, the strength or drive to succeed you can tap into in your everyday, or working life and your personal […] More Asteroid Is a rock that usually stays in space, quite different to a meteor or shooting star. To dream of it might suggest that some part of you is suspended and unable to act. But your […] More Assault See attack attacker. More Assailant See attack attacker. More
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