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Bat Bats – Flying The flying bat is often associated with the devil or vampires, night or death. It is a creature that can see in the dark, lives in caves, and so is an aspect of unconscious inner […] More Balcony It can mean an attitude of looking down on people, maybe superiority but it could also be about not wanting to get involved or express who one really is. A balcony in a theatre is […] More Bookkeeper This can represent your efforts to keep a watch on your energy consumption and your reserves.  So the business of running your life and expressing your energy/activities well. A sort of measuring or weighing up […] More Body Because the body so potently depicts the image we have of ourselves, our health and our psychological situation, any distortions or collapse of the body image in our dreams suggests similar effects in our personality, […] More Bark Barking  (Of Tree see below) A dog barking can be from man causes. A dog expresses a great deal of its deeply felt emotions through its voice. It can growl, bark, whine or howl, and it […] More Birch Tree See Birch More
Bridge The bridge often has the significance of crossing or moving from one phase of life, activity or emphasis to another. So it can be used to represent leaving youth behind and meeting old age. It […] More Bogey Man – Boogey Man This is usually thought as a dark and threatening figure described to children to get them to ‘be good’ take their medicine or generally to scare them. It has its place in nearly every culture. […] More Bobcat Bobcats Bobcats, like other wild animals that are adaptable and can live on the outskirts of human territory, are very ‘street wise’ or capable of surviving despite heavy human hunting. So in your dream it can […] More Bedroom This is an important symbol to understand, because bed is one of the commonest symbols in dreams. The bedroom often shows exactly what you are doing in the subtle areas of relationship. So can link […] More Boundary A way of life or behaviour you cannot, or fear, going beyond. Probably rules of conduct you learnt as a child and there may have been consquences for disobeying. They are often felt as a […] More Brassiere This will depend on what is being done with the brassier in the dream, and what part it plays. But some general associations are that is a means to enhance attractiveness; to hide ageing breasts; […] More
Bathing Costume See swimsuit-bikini More Butterfly Something beautiful, such as a delicate realisation that is fragile and easily destroyed. The butterfly also links with the caterpillar, and therefore the ability to transform and leave an old way of life behind, therefore […] More Butter It seems in may dreams to be the thing that gives a feeling or goodness or satisfaction, satisfaction in fact. It is, like the example, the extra something that makes it extra special and tasty. […] More Business Woman/Man The businessman or woman in your dream represents your ability to function well in the working world, it can also indicate a shrewdness about people and their ability. But it can represent something in you […] More Bumblebee See Insect More Burden Perhaps it indicates nursed anger or other negative feelings – if we feel parenthood a heavy load you may see your child as a burden. It can also depict resources and ability to meet changing […] More
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