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Integrate Integrating The way to deal with a dreamed of relationship difficulty or any past experience, it helps to work on integrating the influence left in you from the relationship with an ex or the experience from […] More Interpreting Dreams Dreams images are like icons on a computer screen – you have to ‘click’ on your dream images to make them come alive. Thinking about them doesn’t work. You need to open yourself to the […] More Irrational Our irrational self or mind works in quite a different way to our rational or logical mind mind. Our logical mind works usually from things it already knows to reach conclusions unless it is researching […] More Intravenous IV An introduction into your inner self of things that may have a healing effect, or a disastrous influence – it depends on the feelings and intentions in the dream what it is. More Isolation Long periods in solitary may cause psychosis. Other studies have shown subtle physical changes to the brain when mammals become isolated. Research from the University of Illinois, published late last year, showed that the enzymes […] More Ivy It can indicate ageing or some aspect that has existed for some time – thus the ivy growing. Also it can show an old world charm or beauty. People sometimes dream of flowers and ivy […] More
Invaded Invasion In some dreams we experience a strong sense of being overwhelmed by anxiety or some invading influence, or struggling to survive. Sometimes such feelings arise from our internal animal instincts or even from intuitive feelings […] More Intimacy Intimate Intimacy indicates an opening of your more private feelings and connections with another being or even object. Such an intimate connection means you are taking into you new experiences, part of the others being and consciousness, also memories […] More Injured Injury Many dreams of being inured are usually about psychological injury or anxiety. See hurt Even if one was injured or mutilated as a result of ones active defence in your dream it is a positve […] More Infertile In dreams this can refer to nothing being able to grow or sustain life. See impotence; desert  Being infertile or impotent can have terrible emotional and personal consequences. It might help to read Avoid Being […] More Infidelity I see many people write in their dreams about being unfaithful or cheating. It is often said with great bitterness. It is, as far as I can see, based on deeply imprinted programs of belief […] More Independence See individuation More
Ignore Ignoring Ignoring someone or something is a way of repressing something. This is because every dream image, animal or person is a subtle or powerful aspect of your own efficient working. Just as car is made […] More Ice Cream Ice cream, especially for young people, often has the association of being with friends, sociability and sharing relaxed pleasure, maybe family time. Ice cream can depict childlike desires for sweet things. Young girls especially seem […] More Insomnia See sleep More Internal Organs Often to do with concerns over health. Could be a sense of illness in that part of body. But mostly such dreams are unfounded anxiety about illness. See separate organs. Example: In the early nineties a […] More India Dreaming of India or meeting a person who is Indian can mean contact with the mysterious meaning of Life – the great mother from which wisdom springs. It can also mean a meeting in your […] More Introduction to Using the Dream Dictionary Introduction To Using The Dream Dictionary Or Diccionario de los Sueños Dreams are one of natures miracles, not the result of a wandering mind in sleep. A dream is an interface between the process of […] More
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