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Neurosis Neurotic A separation between one’s basic life urges and one’s conscious personality leads to tension and neurosis. There are many different neuroses: obsessive–compulsive disorder, obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, impulse control disorder, anxiety disorder, hysteria, and a great […] More Nightclub Club A place to meet and express or show your body or sexual attributes. A way of showing your talents as in the example. See: bar room.  Example: People were walking out. I got the mike and […] More Network If the dream includes networking it suggests your connection with other people and how you are interacting, how well or badly the relationship is going. It can illustrate the subtle connections and communications that take […] More Navy The navy may indicate a protective force at sea, probably with ability to fight in defence. It has a hierarchy of command often involving strict discipline. For navy blue see blue The men and women […] More Nightgown Sometimes similar to negligee but less sexual in its associations. See Associations Working With; pyjamas It is often shown in dreams as being not dressed for the occasion. Example: She says she needs some help from me […] More Negligee This links with all those things we associate with bed, with sleep, with being undressed without protective clothing, and perhaps with being sexually attractive and available. This latter means not only actually feeling sexual and […] More
Native American Natural wisdom; self acceptance and wisdom based on this awareness of ones links with the world and the intuition or wisdom of the irrational or unconscious. It can represent realisation of tribal wisdom and the […] More Nail Binding power, strength to hold together, as a common belief will bind people together of opposite temperaments. A nail may also represent, as in Christ being nailed to the cross, the painful links that bind […] More Naked or See Through Clothes Basically this is about feeling exposed. This may be desirable or undesirable depending upon what you feel in your dream. It can indicate a desire to be attractive and noticed – as in the example, […] More Name of person or place Your name represents you, your essential identity. Your name summarises yourself. It is like a focal point around which your sense of self collects. So changing your name would suggest a change in the way […] More Nameless No real quality, without a formulated or distinct being, without a soul. But it also suggests the formless quality of the divine, or the creative power in the cosmos. More Narrow Narrowly We can in our dreams have vast horizons or narrow horizons, and so you need to ask yourself what is meant if you dream about a vast horizon, and what state of mind is indicated […] More
Nation Characteristic symbolised by the people as a whole. See: Abroad. More Native Natural feelings; being uncivilised, feelings without too much social restraint. See: aborigine; black people. A native in a dream probably means you are in touch with the natural world and honour it as part of […] More Nature Those parts of your being that have arisen with little or no interference. Not moulded by conscious ambitions, desires. More Navel Birth, dependency – especially upon mother; the way we connect our deepest self with the outside world. Having no navel would suggest you have no connection with your parents and forebears, or have lost or […] More Near Nearer Nearest Nearness When something is near to you in your dream, it shows the strength of your feelings about it, or how aware of it you are. The nearer it is, the more conscious and feelingful you […] More Neck The neck may indicate the way you connect your thinking (your head) with your feelings and sexuality (your body). Your neck is also the weak or vulnerable part of you, unlike the chest or head […] More
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