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Traditions are very important and if you understand the traditions of the culture you came from – or the mixture of cultures – you will have an understanding of your basic self and even some […]...More

Jinn Djinn Genie Shaytan

A force in the natural world that is invisible. Just as in the past illness was said to be caused by spirits but is now through having powerful microscopes are seen to be caused by […]...More

Make Making

This has so many possibilities because we can make sense, make money – in fact see the Idioms below to see how much we use the word. If one of the idioms describe what you […]...More

Make Making

    Idioms: absence makes the heart grow fonder; all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; don’t make a mountain out of a molehill; don’t make me laugh; don’t make no nevermind; […]...More

Muerta Muerte Muertos

See Dead Person; Dead; Dead – Communicating With; Quick And The Dead; Death; Dreaming of Death; Near Death Experiences; Rudolph Steiner’s Philosophy of Life and Death; Life After Death? See https://translate.google.com/...More

Mantle Piece (fireplace)

Homeliness and often the place of comfort or family gatherings. Sometimes indicates the comfort of the womb. A mantle  piece in a home is often like small shrine to family memories or people. If not […]...More

Mammal Brain

See mammal brain and realise the important part it plays in your own life....More

Magnifying Glass

Making something conscious; becoming aware of something; making something bigger than it is and therefore making it more evident. Also it brings more details into our view. A quote from Wilda B Tanner book Magical […]...More


Sometimes the Self – the magical abilities the unconscious has that are seldom tapped; ones potential. Black magician: The negative or selfish ways we might use our power or internal insights and wisdom; the shadow […]...More


Something so beyond the limitations of our own small personality enters us and leaves its imprint. A place in which we meet oneself and or another person deeply and passionately or a way that transforms […]...More

Love of self

The love of self does not mean the egoistic self love which drives people to preen and advertise themselves and hoping that everyone will see them and admire. The love of self as far as […]...More



LOVE - what is it? And why is this, a wonderful thing, so often the cause of misery?...More

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