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Rebirth Resurrection

Something new has been brought to life within you and the old,  your old self, felt it had died. The ideas of rejuvenation and resurrection after a form of death were an important part of […]...More

Rebel Rebellion

Conflict with the father can lead to feelings of not being loveable, acceptable or capable of love. It can also implicate you in a desire to go against family and social ‘principles’ and lead a […]...More

Reach Reaching

The desire for something; attempt to grasp, control or manipulate something or someone, depending on dream; extending or giving oneself; acquiring something new. Being reached toward: Feeling of being asked for something, or demands of […]...More


The hips, like the knees, are the main load bearing joints and often wear out. In dreams that can indicate your ability, or lack of it, to deal with stress. Stress can be PHYSICAL – […]...More


Being a night creature moths conduct their survival activities in complete darkness. So the moth suggests things that go on in us that we are usually completely unaware of. They live by their senses and […]...More


Looking to others or circumstances for your cue.   Idioms: Waiting in the wings; lady in waiting; wait on someone hand and foot; a waiting game; lie in wait. See: queue; waitress-waiter under Roles....More

Bark Barking

 (Of Tree see below) A dog barking can be from man causes. A dog expresses a great deal of its deeply felt emotions through its voice. It can growl, bark, whine or howl, and it […]...More

Root Roots

See Roots...More


Your ability or need to absorb something, which is probably shown in the dream. But absorption, like eating, does not mean you have digested what you absorbed. See digest You can be absorbed in something […]...More


This can have many associations, depending upon the context in the dream. It can, for instance link with being in hospital where you have to wear pyjamas, and so suggest you are dealing with an […]...More


Empty-headedness; foolishness. When double, a symbol of the material world and the underworld (consciousness and unconscious). Even as a single gourd, the pumpkin has associations with the underworld, as it plays a role in fall […]...More


The philosophy or ideas that enable you to produce results, or effect changes. An attitude or standpoint that enables you to overcome obstacles or barriers. Also it can be a way that you can access […]...More

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