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Larva Larvae

A larva is a living thing that usually lives under the surface, in the unknown part of oneself. It is something that is in process of change as it moves toward it adult self. So, […]...More


It can mean an attitude of looking down on people, maybe superiority but it could also be about not wanting to get involved or express who one really is. A balcony in a theatre is […]...More


This links with the feeling of either hiding, covering yourself for protection, or actively expressing feelings such as pride, superiority, humility or any other attitude we cloak ourselves with....More


This often represents the life of a person now dead, perhaps from the long past. It is also a common symbol of human death, mortality and frailty. It can also depict the old views of […]...More


It can represent the energy you put into fixing, joining or releasing things in yourself. But a large screwdriver can represent many things, for it can be a lever shifting stuck things, or can pierce […]...More


Getting at your Dreams Meaning

People often look at the main word in their dream, look it up, and leave it at that. But usually a dream has a main theme and several other images, people, animals or things are […]...More


All too often, we teach and are taught how to avoid anything which is ugly, painful, distasteful, or upsetting to us. One of the most important things we need to learn is that our problems […]...More


See Settings In Dreams...More


See Scales...More


Lack of formality or a relaxed way of dealing with life. It could suggest inappropriate attitudes in some dreams where they are not suitable for what you are walking over. With the right shoes you […]...More

Song Singing

Songs are a very important part of many peoples life and creativity. Huge and enthusiastic crowds gather to hear women and men sing the song of their lives. These songs are the crying out of […]...More


I believe the findings of Stanislav Grof are extremely relevant to dreams containing Satanism. He found that satanistic themes occurred regularly in the experience of childbirth where the baby was the victim of enormous struggle. […]...More

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