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In our dreams the ordinary often had tremendous significance, but it needs to be explored. The reason is that the ordinary is like a camouflage behind which lies enormous meaning. For instance if you dream […]...More


Because of the way the tongue and mouth are sometimes used in oral sex, the tongue can depict the penis, or at least, the drive to penetrate or to make contact through that sensitive organ. […]...More


Pentecostal Christianity speaks of gifts of the spirit. These are listed as the gift of: the word of wisdom; the word of knowledge; faith healing; the working of miracles; prophecy; the discerning of spirits; diverse […]...More


Usually it points to intuition. Or it could be unconscious hopes or desires, or even attempt to manipulate. See: esp in dreams.  Dreams should not be seen as oracles, but if you take their information […]...More

Operations medical

Memories regarding actual operation, or a sick inner attitude which needs attention. Do you have a fear of illness or even physical illness that you fear will lead to an operation? Many people have difficult […]...More

Open Opening

Flower opening and revealing it’s most sensitive and passionate being. A flower is the sexual organ so the plant, so it is very ‘brave’ of it to be so exposed. But it has such a […]...More

Oneiric Oneiros Oneiromancy

Relating to, or suggestive of dreams. It comes from the Greek word oneiros meaning to dream. Oneiromancy means the attempt to predict the future through interpretation of dreams. The addition of the suffix ‘mancy’ gives […]...More

Old Age and Dreams

Studies of people’s dreams over 70 show clearly that women whose life has revolved around caring for the family as they age, they often cannot get a wider view of their life and so might […]...More


When we see the moon and it is not full, we can see the edge where there is very marked light on one side and darkness on the other. Human life is very much like […]...More


Your creative energy leaving its mark in the world – it is sexual in the sense the snake is sexual; how you have shaped your basic nature through personal effort. See: reptiles lizards and snakes. […]...More


There are several possibilities and they depend upon your own self image. The extra weight might be a defence against anxiety or feelings of inadequacy. The fat person or weight might indicate robust health, jolly […]...More


Things we repeat over and over like habits; movement towards greater awareness or insight. Example: ‘We walk around, go upstairs, and I notice a staircase leading to a room or rooms. The stairs are painted […]...More

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