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Ladybird Ladybug

See Insects...More

Labor Labour Labours

For labour connected with pregnancy see Breathing in and out of Labor and Birth – It’s Happening – A Method to shorten Labor  Example: ‘I am 48, have two children in their late teens and […]...More

Know Knowing

Even the many people who ‘interpret’ their dreams have seldom moved beyond the level of thinking, and know nothing through the experience of the deep waters of the unconscious. In looking up Know or Knowing […]...More


Little People

We may think of the ‘little people’ as leprechauns or fairies. If it is those you are dreaming of see fairies. But there are very real little people and maybe you are one of them, […]...More


Every one of us is a secret agent on a wonderful, dangerous and adventurous mission. The mission is your life. It is the exploration and uncovering of a miracle – for you are a miracle. […]...More

Kick Kicking

Self assertion; self expression; protectiveness; aggressiveness. It can indicate a tantrum, anger, and feeling hurt emotionally. See: Hostility  As you can see from the amazing amount of ways kick and kicking are used in idioms […]...More


The job in your dream has many connections. It can represent your feelings of social value and how you see or value yourself, as a following example explains. It can also indicate how you rate […]...More

Jealous Jealousy

Often jealousy in a dream is the result of your self image or self esteem being low. It is often seen in dreams where a young woman feels that another person is more attractive than […]...More


It can indicate ageing or some aspect that has existed for some time – thus the ivy growing. Also it can show an old world charm or beauty. People sometimes dream of flowers and ivy […]...More

Invaded Invasion

In some dreams we experience a strong sense of being overwhelmed by anxiety or some invading influence, or struggling to survive. Sometimes such feelings arise from our internal animal instincts or even from intuitive feelings […]...More

Intimacy Intimate

Intimacy indicates an opening of your more private feelings and connections with another being or even object. Such an intimate connection means you are taking into you new experiences, part of the others being and consciousness, also memories […]...More

Injured Injury

Many dreams of being inured are usually about psychological injury or anxiety. See hurt Even if one was injured or mutilated as a result of ones active defence in your dream it is a positve […]...More

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