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I had read somewhere that the only difference between a criminal and a successful person was their habits. Two of the great forces that push at the human soul or psyche are, firstly, social pressure, […]...More

Stretch Stretching

It suggest going beyond your normal limits, or extending what you are capable of. Maybe you see it as improving your health or performance.    ...More


“Certainly we don’t all go around writhing with exotic pains. But many men and women with ulcers, colitis, and headaches are expiating their guilt by inches. Some are so accident prone that they can hardly […]...More


There is so much talk and advertising in the West of how we can create our own lives, how we can be succesful, the secret of happiness, and the power we have of creating what […]...More

Exploring a dream

Mostly we hear about analysing dreams, as if they are something we could penetrate by thinking about, or being analytical about a dream. In writing about this elsewhere I have said this is rather like […]...More

Peeping Tom

Perhaps it relates to someone who has not really grown up sexually and so has not met a woman’s or man’s full sexuality with their or full sexuality. So it may indicate infantile feelings, maybe […]...More

Language – foreign or strange

One function of dreams is to bring aspects of our thinking and feeling which may be ill defined, toward clarification. Foreign or strange language may therefore illustrate something which is being communicated to us from […]...More


It probably represents your ability to survive in rough stretches of your experience. But it depends on what happens in the dream and whether you survive even in rough water and upside-down.  ...More


This means you have integrated and come to terms with every aspect of who you are. You have met within you the murderer, the saint, the swindler and the honest trader, the sexual pervert and […]...More


Synesius recognised the extraordinary ability of the dreaming mind to engage in actions on multiple levels: “In dreams one conquers, walks, or flies simultaneously, and the imagination has room for it all; but how shall […]...More


If it is straw used in farming, it might suggest clearing up a mess left by animals, or a cleaning and giving a better environment. If you have been around horses or farms when young […]...More

Past Lives and Dreams

While there may be some evidence for reincarnation in the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, dreams that clearly state reincarnation in their theme most likely represent present life situations.  Example: ‘I dream of living in […]...More

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