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Santa Muerte

A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. She is a living presence in every life, and reminds us that as we go about […]...More


The top X-Ray shows the enormous damage to Vittorio’s hip bone due to malignant cancer. The bottom X-Ray shows the miraculous healing after baths in Lourdes over several months, a feat so far impossible with […]...More

Multiverse Parallel Worlds

See Multiverse...More


A whole person is someone who accepts every part of themselves, the dark as well as the light, the sordid as well as the beauty. See black...More

Mood Moods

It can be a frightening realisation to realise that nobody else creates the hell or heaven, the destructive moods we experience in life. Nobody else creates our love or smouldering vengefulness. We are alone in […]...More

Month Months

Nearly all dreams mention month as a way of measuring or defining time. But occasionally it is a way of pointing to an actual memory of something that happened at that month even years previously.  […]...More

Draw Bridge

See Drawbridge...More


See mother; Archetype of the Mother  ...More

Role Model

Nearly always when people dream about someone they know they automatically believe the dream is about that person. But when we think of our friend or partner our thoughts are not them – just our […]...More


We can have a thought, plan, model or imagination of how we would like our life to be; we can be or have a role model; father and mother are our main model for our […]...More

Depend Dependent Depending

Life’s age old unconscious processes are still the major part of our being, yet we seldom consciously meet them – except in dreams. As our physical and psychological health depend upon a reasonable co-operation between […]...More


Dreaming of missing someone may be that you have not satisfied yourself in the relationship in some way. Maybe you haven’t told them your real feelings; that you haven’t done or given what you really […]...More

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