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There are several possibilities and they depend upon your own self image. The extra weight might be a defence against anxiety or feelings of inadequacy. The fat person or weight might indicate robust health, jolly […]...More


Things we repeat over and over like habits; movement towards greater awareness or insight. Example: ‘We walk around, go upstairs, and I notice a staircase leading to a room or rooms. The stairs are painted […]...More


Summing UpSumming Up...More


Long periods in solitary may cause psychosis. Other studies have shown subtle physical changes to the brain when mammals become isolated. Research from the University of Illinois, published late last year, showed that the enzymes […]...More


What is it that in the Albino that so peculiarly repels and often shocks the eye, as that sometimes he is loathed by his own kith and kin? To dream of an albino human suggests […]...More

Nightclub Club

A place to meet and express or show your body or sexual attributes. A way of showing your talents as in the example. See: bar room.  Example: People were walking out. I got the mike and […]...More


If the dream includes networking it suggests your connection with other people and how you are interacting, how well or badly the relationship is going. It can illustrate the subtle connections and communications that take […]...More


If you take it in criticism can be very destructive. It destroys your real ability to express, to be creative and to live your life fully. See Martial Art of the Mind - Avoid Being Victims  ...More


Most dictionary definitions state that a mystic is “a person who claims to attain, or believes in the possibility of attaining, insight into mysteries transcending ordinary human knowledge, as by direct communication with the divine […]...More


See Meeting the Unknown; Programmed; Self I Myself;  Toward the Light that is Myself?; Myths Legends and Fairy Stories...More


Feelings or realisations that arise without warning from within; perhaps there is a question here of whether a situation or relationship is nourishing or poisonous, due to the possible association of poisonous or eve mind […]...More

Mushroom Cloud

See: atom bomb...More

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