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Steps in Problem Solving

 The First Step – Thoughts   Thoughts and thinking are tools to be used in problem solving, but are only part of the necessary toolkit. It is important to clearly understand what a thought is, […]...More

A prisoner of your limitations, or a traveller of wider possibilities

Western science has in the past painted a picture for us that suggested nature and the universe is one vast impersonal and almost mechanical process. When you travel beyond the frontier of your own personality […]...More

Are there dangers in spreading your wings?

There are dangers in virtually everything we do in our everyday life. People die from normal activities such as driving a car, eating out and the electricity in their home. We take it for granted […]...More

Learning the brake, gears and accelerator

If you purchased a machine as complex and as wonderful as yourself, you would demand a handbook from the manufacturer. Unfortunately, the universe, the planet, and the parents who brought you forth, do not supply […]...More

Reserve – as in nature reserve

As can be seen from the examples, it can be a place of discovery when explored, or a place of terror. It is a dream situation in which we are on equal terms with our […]...More

Reptiles lizards amphibian and snakes

These often depict our basic spinal and lower brain reactions, such as fight flight or freeze, reproduction, attraction or repulsion, sex drive, need for food and reaction to pain. This includes the fundamental evolutionary ability […]...More


Atlantis is no longer either a tact or fiction. It has become something greater than both-a hope in man’s breast! It has become a symbol, a quest, the lost continent of himself. It is all […]...More

Drowning – Many Replies

-Serena2015-12-11 2:44:38 I often have basically this same dream and don’t know why. I’m always in a car with some of my closest family or friends (usually family). For some reason we always get in […]...More

Neurosis Neurotic

A separation between one’s basic life urges and one’s conscious personality leads to tension and neurosis. There are many different neuroses: obsessive–compulsive disorder, obsessive–compulsive personality disorder, impulse control disorder, anxiety disorder, hysteria, and a great […]...More


See Refrigerator...More

Receptacle – jar cup bottle kettle.

A receptive state of mind, or your body and what you put into it. What feelings or thoughts you ‘contain’ or pour out; the womb or vagina – see first example under fish. In some […]...More


 Example: ‘Last week I suddenly started having a recurring dream. In it I woke, walked downstairs, went into the kitchen and looked in the kettle. It was full of little fish.’ Karen LBC. The fact […]...More

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