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Most dreams about an ambulance involve feelings of emergency, or panic. Often the dream involves some injury or life threatening situation to someone, so therefore concerns the stress felt by some part of our personality. See: accident. […]...More


In dreams a bad smell expresses an intuition of something rotten in one’s life. Rotten might mean ‘bad’ emotions felt in a relationship; a hunch or feelings about something. Sometimes dream show that we have […]...More


Carving takes a lot of effort and skill to do well. So carving in wood or stone is a way of expressing in the natural flow of things what is held in the artist. Also […]...More


A Selkie is the magic humans can do when they let the spirit of the ocean, it vastness, its storms, it hidden depths, and the childlike wonder of it fully enter one’s own soul. Then […]...More

Support Supporter

Someone who either supports you emotionally, financially, as a member of a group or club, or even in your life direction or beliefs. A person or a group – a part of your inner life […]...More


May relate to work if dreamer works in shop or store; relates to how one supplies one’s needs – or who supplies one’s needs – therefore might show feelings about parents. It might throw light […]...More


Social roles – top dog under dog feelings; feeling you are treated like a servant, or treating someone else as; class distinctions. It depends on whether you are the servant or the one served. If […]...More

Seduction Seductress Seduce

Sexual desires; sexual drives that have not been matured into satisfactory expression in relationship with a real person; sexual longings unattached to present partner; fantasy of being loved. Because many men find breasts and bare […]...More


“The notion that dreams provide an avenue for the expression of normally repressed desires while simultaneously disguising and censoring our real urges was systematically formulated by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. In Freud’s view, […]...More

Salesman Saleswoman

Someone seeking to influence you; a person offering you an opportunity; one’s business sense. Or that you are confronted by choices, perhaps because you are looking for something or ‘shopping for ideas’.   Being pressured […]...More

juggler Juggling

It shows an ability to deal with several things at once – keeping things in the air so to speak. It can also point to the talent or skill to have many things you are […]...More


Picasso once said, “Art is not truth. Art is a lie that helps you understand the truth.” The bizarre symbolism of dreams like that of the art of caricature, are not the truth, but in […]...More

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