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Social roles – top dog under dog feelings; feeling you are treated like a servant, or treating someone else as; class distinctions. It depends on whether you are the servant or the one served. If […]...More

Seduction Seductress Seduce

Sexual desires; sexual drives that have not been matured into satisfactory expression in relationship with a real person; sexual longings unattached to present partner; fantasy of being loved. Because many men find breasts and bare […]...More


“The notion that dreams provide an avenue for the expression of normally repressed desires while simultaneously disguising and censoring our real urges was systematically formulated by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. In Freud’s view, […]...More

Salesman Saleswoman

Someone seeking to influence you; a person offering you an opportunity; one’s business sense. Or that you are confronted by choices, perhaps because you are looking for something or ‘shopping for ideas’.   Being pressured […]...More

juggler Juggling

It shows an ability to deal with several things at once – keeping things in the air so to speak. It can also point to the talent or skill to have many things you are […]...More


Picasso once said, “Art is not truth. Art is a lie that helps you understand the truth.” The bizarre symbolism of dreams like that of the art of caricature, are not the truth, but in […]...More


This can represent your efforts to keep a watch on your energy consumption and your reserves.  So the business of running your life and expressing your energy/activities well. A sort of measuring or weighing up […]...More


Rodents are a massive and diverse collection of animals. Rats and mice are the ones we usually associate with rodents, but there are also squirrels, chinchilla, guinea pigs, rabbits, beavers, chipmunk, capybara, prairie dogs, naked […]...More


Because the body so potently depicts the image we have of ourselves, our health and our psychological situation, any distortions or collapse of the body image in our dreams suggests similar effects in our personality, […]...More

Dreams Are The Alternative We Are Most Aware Of

Dreams are the alternative level of mind most of us know best, and the main factors of this level are that you experience yourself in a full surround virtual reality. We are used to recognising […]...More

Your Immense Resources

You have immense resources in your dreams. If you look through your journal you will see a wide variety of characters, animals, and places. The more dreams you have, the greater the variety. Each of […]...More

Looking At A Dream

When you look at one of your dreams and try to understand it, in a way you are approaching a wonderful alien. It is an alien with intelligence and powers perhaps you cannot even conceive […]...More

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