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Cobwebs Many dreams of cobwebs stress age, death, of old palces where nobody has lived or been in for ages. So it might relate to either being lost in past memories in which there is little […] More Clone A dream clone may very well be a sign of you creating a copy of yourself because of troubles with the self you usually know. The clone may very well develop a different view than […] More Cloak This links with the feeling of either hiding, covering yourself for protection, or actively expressing feelings such as pride, superiority, humility or any other attitude we cloak ourselves with. More Carving Carving takes a lot of effort and skill to do well. So carving in wood or stone is a way of expressing in the natural flow of things what is held in the artist. Also […] More Condensation “The notion that dreams provide an avenue for the expression of normally repressed desires while simultaneously disguising and censoring our real urges was systematically formulated by Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. In Freud’s view, […] More Cartoon Picasso once said, “Art is not truth. Art is a lie that helps you understand the truth.” The bizarre symbolism of dreams like that of the art of caricature, are not the truth, but in […] More
Coconut Nuts can represent humanity: the kernel, or spirit, is encased by the shell, or flesh and bone. Nuts are also goodness hidden in a hard shell, so represent truths or realisations that were worthwhile working […] More Criminal I had read somewhere that the only difference between a criminal and a successful person was their habits. Two of the great forces that push at the human soul or psyche are, firstly, social pressure, […] More Cattle It can often indicate the long suffering basic side of human nature, the which wakes, eats, works, eats again. Watches TV and has sex, without ever striving for anything except animal comforts. Sometimes depicts this […] More Clichés Summing UpSumming Up More Criticism If you take it in criticism can be very destructive. It destroys your real ability to express, to be creative and to live your life fully. See Martial Art of the Mind - Avoid Being Victims   More Conflicts Conflicts we feel or meet in our dreams are nearly always conflicts with ourself. This is not usually recognised, and so I quote a rather long example to show how it is obviously the man’s […] More
Cot Deaths I dreamt that an enormous amount of my energy was in-turned into seeking states of mind – seeking my own womb condition. I came across an interesting piece of research in the dream, the possibility […] More Cylinder In dreams they often express man made or shaped. The can be columns that are natural but with man made designs, so are indicating powerful natural forces in you that have been shaped by the […] More Cushion See: pillow. More Curtain Curtains The ability to reveal or hide something, such as we do with our feelings or thoughts, perhaps even memories. Curtains can also be part of decorations to beautify, or to separate one area from another. […] More Currency currency See: money. More Cuddle Cuddling In most dreams where cuddling occurs it is usually a woman cuddling with love and care a baby, probably new born. This represents the flowering of or expression of a caring love that is without […] More
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