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Ex’s Ex’s play an enormous part in many people’s dreams. The reason is that dreams about ex’s are very tricky for several reasons. To start with most people are often totally unaware of the experience they […] More Envy Envious It is wanting what others have, desiring to possess what they possess. You can be envious of tangible and intangible things, including their wealth, their good looks and their innate intelligence.  Envy is often an […] More Exploring a dream Mostly we hear about analysing dreams, as if they are something we could penetrate by thinking about, or being analytical about a dream. In writing about this elsewhere I have said this is rather like […] More Evolution Many people deny that they are the products of an evolving natural system. Maybe we haven’t fully understood it, but just look at these things we have found about ourselves. During the last century an […] More Electra Complex Women at a certain stage of their development often dream of having sex with their father. As shocking as this may seem to the waking person it is a way a woman or young woman […] More Exorcise Exorcism Having spent most of my adult life exploring the far out reaches of the mind, the unconscious and the superconscious, having experienced psychic attacks and exorcism, I feel it needs understanding of some of the […] More
Exploring Exploration You can explore the land/the world, an idea, a question or a project, you can explore yourself or your dreams, you can explore sex. Or you can explore the effects of medecines or drugs, and […] More Exhibition Intimate self revelation or what is appreciated and honoured. There may also be a suggestion of choice, or looking for something. An exhibition is also about exposure to what is being exhibited, and therefore a […] More Ex-relationship Remember that in the your dreams your most intimate fears and longings are given an exterior life of their own in the form of the people, objects and places of your dream. Therefore our sexual […] More Euthanasia I can only report what I have slowly become convinced of – that none of us own our life and mother’s do not even own their own body. The fact is that it is the […] More Erotic Dreams See: sex in dreams. More Engagement An engagement can either be an agreement to get married; a commitment to attend an event; a job that only last for a short time; or anencounter between hostile forces. Menstruation is the assurance of […] More
Ejaculation and Emission The example under black person shows how our sexual needs attempt to satisfy themselves even though we may make a conscious attempt to deny them. The ejaculation, male or female, shows the sexual nature of […] More Eclipse This can mean that something is either cutting of your source of energy – the sun – or else in an eclipse of the moon might suggest that something has come between you and your […] More Ear Rings Earrings They can often refer to the quality or otherwise of your hearing/intuition. Maybe you need to pay heed to a rumour you have heard or to subtle realisations – intuition. Example: In my dream I […] More Exit A way out of a situation; a way to escape or moving toward death. See: door. An exit such as on a freeway/motorway suggests either branching off from a main flow in the direction you were […] More Eagle The eagle can represent several things, depending upon its context in your dream. It can point to the powerful, strong hunting instinct in business or in being a providing parent. It can depict protective strength; […] More Ear Dreaming of ears suggests awareness of subtle information, rumours or intuition. Because we do not have to see what we can hear, the dream ear can depict information we have gathered without seeing it – […] More
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