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Thoughts and Words If you think about a friend, ask yourself, ‘Is this thought my friend?’ If you have feelings about the friend, ask yourself, “Are these feelings an actual representation of my friend?” No they are not, […] More Trauma As to what trauma is I tend to leave a lot of ideas behind and look at any life form – and I believe that trauma is anything that interferes with the development of that […] More Traditions Traditions are very important and if you understand the traditions of the culture you came from – or the mixture of cultures – you will have an understanding of your basic self and even some […] More Time of Day The passage of time in our life; our age; our sense of ease or pressure. There are certain times of day that we have deeply ingrained habitual responses to  - such as morning coffee is […] More Terror Inability to face or cope with those emotions, fears, ideas or urges represented in the dream. It is important to find where you felt that sort of terror in the past. This releases its hold […] More Tuxedo Mostly this suggests a special occasion, or links with a past memorable occasion. The tuxedo also suggests formality, male success or strength, and sometimes authority or a leader figure. Example: My boyfriend then came down […] More
T-Shirt Usually shows a casual and relaxed attitude or feelings. It can occasionally suggest the desire to show of ones male or female sexual characteristics – pecs/breasts. As with most clothes, the colour is important and […] More Tie (clothes) This is usually about a formal or more conservative or conformist attitude or feelings. The tie can also link with organisations or past ‘ties’ you had with university or the armed services, and what you […] More Tights Pantyhose In most dreams they are shown as being on or off. When on they suggest a barrier between easy release of tension in going to the toilet, or experiencing sexual release. When off they suggest […] More Toothbrush This can mean you need dental care, or cleaning up your language, or even a change in type of toothbrush – try the electric ones. Example:  My partner dreamt my toothbrush was very well worn […] More Thirty Four thirty four It is said to represent the realisation or enlightenment. It also has a profound significance in the astronomical cycles of Mars and Jupiter. In numerology it breaks down to 7 (3+4 = 7). […] More The Discovery of Dreams In this section are given real practical methods of understanding your dreams. This is not like an intellectual interpretation of your dreams but a real meeting. It is the difference between reading a description of […] More
Tsunami A tsunami can indicate a tremendous and fundamental change in you. Most people now know that tsunamis are caused by massive earth changes under the sea. These changes are part of the natural order, and […] More Twin There are several possibilities when you dream of a twin or twins. The first one is that it is part of you that has got split off from your main development. So they can be one of the […] More Teeth Falling Out Lots of people dream about their teeth falling out.  The dream might start with putting a finger to your teeth and finding one loose.  Then tooth after two falls out.  Or you might looking a […] More Table Your connection or relationship with others. Communal or family relationships. Everyday certainties that support your activities, such as confidence you will get paid at the end of the week; your attitude toward the inner and […] More t The symbol of T is sometimes used to represent the cross. But where it does so, it stands for the evolutionary forces within, rebelling against the inertia of physical life, traditions, the past, our habits, […] More Tablet See: Pill More
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