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All of these books are avaialble from bookshops or from Amazon UK and USA To see all them click on My BOOKS LUCID DREAMING Sleep is a strange country. In it we lose our sense […]...More

The Inner Path To Christ

This is not another book about dogmatic Christianity, it is about the discipline given to us through the hidden message of the New Testament. It is a path that has been hidden because it was […]...More

The Hidden Bible

Here are uncovered all the ridiculous myths we have been taught, such as the demeaning of women in the Bible, and the fact that Adam is not an individual but a force in nature – […]...More

The New Dream Dictionary

This is a new and much enlarged and improved version of the classic Dream Dictionary. The improvements include the working links that were missing in the previous version; also the book is massively enlarged because […]...More

Learning How to Love

After a long life of loving different partners, and failing miserable in some, I write this from long experience of mistakes I and others make. My experience also arises from having worked as a therapist […]...More

The Hand Book

The Hand Is An Expressive And Ever-changing Part Of The Body Which Can Reveal A Wealth Of Information About Your Character And Life. For Thousands Of Years, Hands Have Been Studies And Interpreted To Attain […]...More

Introduction to I Ching – Book

Apart from being a book of wisdom in the ancient Chinese tradition, the I Ching was also consulted on questions of state, warfare and personal decision making. It is this aspect of it which is […]...More


More information about each book can  be seen by clicking the links below. An example of this is Be You Own Dream Interpreter - THE AMAZING EXPERIENCE OF DREAMING Research into dreaming has shown that each of us dreams about four or five times each night. While we dream, our voluntary muscles no ...More

Be Your Own Dream Interpreter

Be Your Own Dream Interpreter This colourful and delightful book has one of the best introductions to dreams and understanding them – along with How To Do It. Oh yes, it also has a full […]...More

A Master At Work

Whether we are aware of it or not, when we write our whole body takes on a certain posture, a mood or emotion may be present as we write. Our age and state of health, […]...More


Super Minds is a series of true life stories of weird and wonderful minds. Like the man who could remember EVERYTHING that ever happened to him, or the extraordinary abilities of the boy brought up […]...More

Every 7 Years You Change

Every 7 Years You Change ARE you the same person now that you were fifteen years ago? In fact, are you the same person you were just seven years ago? Most of us have heard […]...More

I Am No Longer Interpreting Dreams

Instead I Offer You Life If You Dare to Look Within WHY? 1 – I need to do so much background work on the site and I cannot answer dreams and work on the site; […]...More


Wonderful Life, I look around and see what you have built, and I admire it. I see you have built such beautiful things, such variety and I want to learn. I want to learn how […]...More

Our Reaction to the Huge that we Are

We are all subject to the forces of growth – it is one of the main functions of life. But because growth is a push toward change, change that we do not want to face, […]...More

Casting Out Demons

We must all at times have seen something or heard something that circumstances assured us shouldn’t be there or should not have happened. One that has occurred to me a few times is that I […]...More

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