All sex is movement. Sexual movement involves your body, your emotions and your spontaneity. For sex to be more than two people experiencing mutual physical friction, movements of our whole self are called for. ‘Sexercise’ […]...More

Some of My Books

Yes – and there are more!! But see for yourself at MY BOOKS See All My Books...More

The Sacred Tree-Book

    The Sacred Tree – In Dreams and Myth The human condition is fundamental to any creation of myths, and at the core of the emergence of any religion or personal dream. The journey […]...More

Dream Interpretation

This book was carefully crafted with a team – I wrote it but the team designed and thought out the way it has been presented. It has been published in various European languages. It is a beautiful book because of all the illustrations […]...More

Dream Yoga

This book was inspired by the thousands of dreams you have sent me over two years. I learned such a lot from the dreams that I felt there is a short cut if we understand […]...More

Face to Face With the Future

YOU now face unprecedented change! Change seldom comes in the form we have previously visualised or imagined it. Unprecedented change will have one hell of a lot of unexpected features in it. There have been a lot of books, business seminars, life coaches, and inspirational speakers, telling us ...More

Be Warned

When any great world changes are approachhing people experience warning dreams and visions – (a vision is a waking dream. See: Visions.) As an example of this I experienced an incredible dream and two such visions. One occurred to me on January the 3rd 2003. And the information that arose from tha...More

Super Minds – A Book That Changes Lives

Hi Tony, I can't believe I found you again! You just popped into my mind and I thought I'd try and find you and get in touch with you. I'm not sure if you still remember me, it's Amal, the girl who emailed you about 'Super Minds' at age 12. I was telling my younger brother about "the man who remembe...More

Interview With A Sex Worker

Here is a frank and honest conversation with a sex worker. She describes the secrets she found about men and their wants. But most amazing she describes some of men’s vulnerabilities. I feel many men should read this....More

Surviving Love and Relationships

Relationships, whether heterosexual or homosexual, fail, even with the starting point of intense love. Figures differ from fifty percent failure in the US, to one in three in the UK. Hetro or homo are about the same. Statistics show there is a huge decline in marriage, with a swing to living togethe...More

House of the Ancestors

Shaun always did introduce me to firsts. I think someone I knew turned up with him at my house, and he adopted me. He used to call me his ‘old man,’ and each time I saw him after that he had a different woman with him. Gillian and I had plenty of rooms in the place – after all it was a convert...More

Dreams of Death and Beyond

A collection of features looking at death. Chapters include dreams of death; near death experiences; can we prepare for death; is there life after death; and a mass of information about peoples experience of death […]...More

Prayer and Dream Interpretation-Book

Whether we believe in God as described as a sort of father figure or not doesn't matter. We are looking at a piece of anthropological information couched in the language of the times. The core information is that a person can gain information, help or power from a source other than their conscious t...More

The New Dream Dictionary

Yes, this time it really is a new edition. On the 11th of April 2013 I published a revised version of The New Dream Dictionary. It is a much fuller and comprehensive book and is wonderful and full of information. As such I think it is a leader in its field. It is not the Dream Dictionary Ultimate th...More

The Eye of Dreams

By Tony Crisp It took me forty years of experience and exploration to write this book. The reason is that I was constantly exploring the limits or boundaries of the mind. In fact in recent scientific statements I see […]...More

Coincidences – On Kindle

When Kath got home three days later and opened the door, the dog streaked out of the house to the barn to feed its pups. It was so frantic that it fell from near the top of the ladder because of the ice, and died from the fall. What Kath felt that she and Greg had witnessed was the return of that mo...More

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