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Power Lines The power line is the descending energies that can transform you. If one lets go it suggest you are involved in fear of failure, of being hurt. The power line is also the humility before […] More Phone See Telephone More Poetry Writers and dreams Writing of prose or poetry can arise from many human impulses. It can be the basic sexual urge; the urge to become famous or rich; or the tremendous impulse to get enough to eat and […] More Platypus The platypus is a creature that seems to bridge the gap between egg laying creatures and mammals that carry their unborn inside them. The platypus is a warm blooded mammal but lays eggs. As far […] More Plank Depends what they are used for in dream. Can be security in life if flooring – or sense of losing basic support if rotten floor. See: floor under house and buildings. If for making something: […] More Pilot Someone connected with trust who can guide you through big changes in your life. If the trust is not felt in the dream it might indicate you feel you have no inner wisdom or skill […] More
Power There is so much talk and advertising in the West of how we can create our own lives, how we can be successful, the secret of happiness, and the power we have of creating what […] More Peeping Tom Perhaps it relates to someone who has not really grown up sexually and so has not met a woman’s or man’s full sexuality with their or full sexuality. So it may indicate infantile feelings, maybe […] More Past Lives and Dreams While there may be some evidence for reincarnation in the work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, dreams that clearly state reincarnation in their theme most likely represent present life situations.  Example: ‘I dream of living in […] More Past Dreaming about the past often reflects a period of our life and important experiences we encountered. Or if it is an historical setting it often is about what you see in that setting – is […] More Paradox Part of this potential of dreams is an experience of going beyond opposites, of resolving paradoxes, of moving beyond the limitations of the rational mind and emotional responses. Going beyond paradox. In this altered state […] More Projector The realisation of unconscious content if projected onto a screen. This can also refer to illusions arising from within if it in any way connects with trickery. More
Pentecost Pentecostal Christianity speaks of gifts of the spirit. These are listed as the gift of: the word of wisdom; the word of knowledge; faith healing; the working of miracles; prophecy; the discerning of spirits; diverse […] More Perro See Dog More Possum A possum probably represents mothering or links with pregnancy. Of course they also can be a nuisance in your house, so can indicate irritation at something in you. Example: I just called it a possum, […] More Pain I recently asked a man who had experienced enormous pain through, as he felt, being misused by a woman friend. When I pointed out that this was the woman’s normal behaviour that he himself had […] More Post Office What this means depends upon what you are involved with the post office for in the dream. It could have a connection with money as something you need. It is also a meeting place and […] More Pan the God In dreams Pan depicts the natural in you unrestricted by modern social codes and rules, It is the wildness and even beauty found in woods and wild places. It may test you in a way […] More
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