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Rodent Rodents are a massive and diverse collection of animals. Rats and mice are the ones we usually associate with rodents, but there are also squirrels, chinchilla, guinea pigs, rabbits, beavers, chipmunk, capybara, prairie dogs, naked […] More Reserve – as in nature reserve As can be seen from the examples, it can be a place of discovery when explored, or a place of terror. It is a dream situation in which we are on equal terms with our […] More Reptiles lizards amphibian and snakes These often depict our basic spinal and lower brain reactions, such as fight flight or freeze, reproduction, attraction or repulsion, sex drive, need for food and reaction to pain. This includes the fundamental evolutionary ability […] More Receptacle – jar cup bottle kettle. A receptive state of mind, or your body and what you put into it. What feelings or thoughts you ‘contain’ or pour out; the womb or vagina – see first example under fish. In some […] More Rebirth Resurrection Something new has been brought to life within you and the old,  your old self, felt it had died. The ideas of rejuvenation and resurrection after a form of death were an important part of […] More Rebel Rebellion Conflict with the father can lead to feelings of not being loveable, acceptable or capable of love. It can also implicate you in a desire to go against family and social ‘principles’ and lead a […] More
Reach Reaching The desire for something; attempt to grasp, control or manipulate something or someone, depending on dream; extending or giving oneself; acquiring something new. Being reached toward: Feeling of being asked for something, or demands of […] More Root Roots See Roots More Role Model Nearly always when people dream about someone they know they automatically believe the dream is about that person. But when we think of our friend or partner our thoughts are not them – just our […] More Refugee Refuge A feeling of not having links with your surrounding and having to forge your own way. Seeking refuge from something that has made it difficult to stay where you were. Perhaps you are meeting new […] More Rob Robbed Robber Intruder Dreams nearly always deal with actions or responses taking place not in the outer world, but in your inner world. This is the often neglected world of your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings. People often […] More Raccoon Racoon The raccoon is a survivor and can take advantage of many situations to get its needs. So it can be a bandit type attitude in us, so it can be about thoughts or feelings that […] More
Rabbi Symbol of your attitude to your religious tendencies, or to Jewish religious ideas. More Rabbit Due to human associations with its rapid breeding it is often linked with sexual desires. Also its softness and non aggression sometimes to the point of depicting us as a victim, or foolishly passive;  may […] More Race Feelings of competitiveness, questions of capability, worthiness, success and failure, or fear of losing or being inferior. It can also show your passage through life, your participation in the human race, and how you feel […] More Radar Intuition, with which we sense things out of sight. It may particularly deal with threats we sense. One’s subliminal sense of other people – or of what feelings or ‘signals’ other people are giving out. […] More Radiant See: Light; Glow. More Radio Our sense of what is ‘in the air’ – messages we are picking up from other people or our environment. What we can tune into and find out about. Broadcasted opinions which are just opinions. […] More
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