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Uterus For many women the uterus represents their sense of being a full woman and their adequacy, just as testes do for men. Of course it also links with the ability to have children, so could […] More Using The Dictionary The long entries in the dream dictionary are often in two or more parts. The first part is a short summary of the entry’s meaning, and then there is a larger explanation under the heading […] More Useful Techniques Here are some useful techniques. Try to understand the dynamics of your difficult response. If it is not easy to find clarity, look to your dreams for help. Ask for a guiding dream or take […] More Urine Urinate This could point to release of tension, letting go of restrained feelings, or release of sexual feelings. Sometimes, if this is not your urine, it could be about other people’s sexual attitudes – or their […] More Up Upwards Upper In many dreams this points directly to the strategies you use to deal with emotions or situations that undermine confidence or positive feelings. For instance we may take our attention away from something that depresses […] More Unravel To understand; to untangle the confusion of anxieties. To heal fears and tensions. More
University Learning lessons about life; the ambition to improve your life skills or status. Or it can link with your own experiences of university life. In which case it is worth defining what your overall impression […] More Union Unity United Conformity due to outer pressure rather than inner direction. The power of united emotions, energies, ideas. United or merged with someone or something: This is like love, in which you absorb qualities from the other […] More Uniform Conformity, orthodoxy. Also, authority, power, an expression of a universal activity. A priest has the power of the church behind him; a policeman has the power of the law. So the uniform may imply these […] More Unicorn Because it blends the image of the horse with that of the virgin, and the outstanding single horn, it suggests purity with animal or basic sexuality. The message is therefore that sexuality can be directed […] More Unearth To discover things you have forgotten or not been aware of previously. This could be things like feelings about a past love, or things usually unconscious. More Undress Revealing your true feelings; casting off restraining or inhibiting attitudes, fears or morals. A desire to display or express yourself more openly. See: Naked. More
Underwear underclothes knickers panties Intimate or shy feelings, sexual feelings,  sexual excitement or desire,  or conversely, repugnance, difficult feelings about sex or oneself. Feelings or personal things you keep hidden from others. These can also be used to express […] More Underground Metro Subway Under the ground: Usually symbolises inner feelings, unconscious direction and tendencies, things that influence you that act below the level of your everyday awareness. This could include childhood feelings or painful memories that are suppressed; […] More Under Underneath This can imply a wide range of this depending on the dream context. It can suggest protection, when you are under a roof or a tree. It can imply being ruled or dominated by someone, […] More Uncle To some extent an uncle is a role model. We gather from their success or failure strategies for our own life. Whatever feelings we have about them, whatever we think of them, the dream will […] More Umbrella The strategies you use to deal with difficult emotions, or things you want to avoid. More Umbilical Cord Ties based on dependence rather than love or mutual interests. It can also refer to a strong tie to your mother, or to life in the womb. There is another aspect of the umbilical cord […] More
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