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Liberate Liberating Liberation Being able to take risks, not be afraid of illness and death in a paralysing way. It suggests going beyond the boundaries of one’s own limitations, concepts, present experience. It represents the enormous personal potential […] More Levitation Levitating In her book Isis Unveiled Helena Blavatsky wrote, “The condition of our physical systems, say theurgic philosophers, is largely dependent upon the action of our will. If well-regulated, it can produce “miracles”; among others a […] More Learn I believe all dreams are part of a learning process, but unfortunately it is blocked in its progress as the symbolic or allegorical level. It is much like the way we often try to understand […] More Ladybird Ladybug See Insects More Labor Labour Labours For labour connected with pregnancy see Breathing in and out of Labor and Birth – It’s Happening – A Method to shorten Labor  Example: ‘I am 48, have two children in their late teens and […] More Little People We may think of the ‘little people’ as leprechauns or fairies. If it is those you are dreaming of see fairies. But there are very real little people and maybe you are one of them, […] More
Lapis Lazuli See Lapis Lazuli under Jewels More Lip It mostly indicates speech and sharing of intimacy I kissing or licking. As such and problems with the lips would most likely be word that you said that are critical or not well intentioned. And […] More Lottery This is about winning or losing, so about lost hopes or the wonder or getting what you wished for. It is also about gambling in order to hope for what you think is a better […] More Label A description, or ‘label’, you may be applying to yourself. So the label might be about an image you have of yourself. You may also have unconsciously labelled somebody else. If the label is obviously […] More Labyrinth See: Maze. More Ladder This shows you attempting get somewhere that is presently out of reach, difficult to attain, or perhaps involves risks and anxiety. Depending upon your feelings in connection with the ladder, it might show feelings of […] More
Lagoon and Lake The inner world of our feelings and fantasies; the unconscious. The mysterious waters are a powerful symbol of female sexuality, especially if the dreamer is male. Sinking into: Becoming introverted; giving up on trying, or […] More Lama See: Guru. More Lamb This may refer to the childlike, dependent, vulnerable part of yourself. There are other possible meaning though, such as new life. This might link with your own child or childhood, and with innocence. See: Animal. […] More Lame The difficulty, or lack of confidence or strength you might face in making your way through the events of life. It can represent any impediment in your being that makes going difficult. Lameness can also […] More Land Landed Potential; the opportunities you meet to make yourself real in the world, to create something from within yourself. This might sometimes represent the undeveloped parts of your own nature that need attention and cultivation or […] More Landscape Landscapes particularly depict your feeling moods and attitudes. They show what habitual responses of feeling you meet the world with. This is because in dreams you create your own surrounding and environment out of your […] More
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