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Language – foreign or strange One function of dreams is to bring aspects of our thinking and feeling which may be ill defined, toward clarification. Foreign or strange language may therefore illustrate something which is being communicated to us from […] More Love of self The love of self does not mean the egoistic self love which drives people to preen and advertise themselves and hoping that everyone will see them and admire. The love of self as far as […] More Love LOVE - what is it? And why is this, a wonderful thing, so often the cause of misery? More Loudspeaker Something we have heard; something which is trying to gain ‘a hearing’; how we receive aural information – in one ear and out the other, or is it received and understood? Also the voice or […] More Lost Being lost depicts confusion; loss of motivation or ability to make clear decisions. Sometimes suggests issues in your life have arisen and have not been noticed and you are being negatively influenced. In which case […] More Longing Longing for the thing we don’t have, the more we long for it the more we suffer. And the minute we step back into the consciousness of love and wholeness, the better we feel. It’s […] More
Lonely Loneliness Loneliness is most keenly felt when we miss being with or have lost contact with a partner or friend. It is probably normal when young and seeking a life partner, as it is the push […] More London Like any large town, the meaning in your dream depends on whether you have lived or visited London. To understand your dream then you will find it useful to read Associations Working With  Or see […] More Loch Lochness A loch is a strange and magical place, as it is set amongst legends and history of the highlands of Scotland. So if it appears in your dreams it can be linked with the mystery […] More Lived Living See Life Living; Life’s Little Secrets More Listen Listening Listener Many of us never learn to listen but keep up a continuous conversation that has nothing to do with what was said by the other person. I get the impression that they have said it […] More Life After Death See: archetype of death and rebirth; Dreaming of Death; death and dreams; death is there life afterwards; Death and Love; Dreams of Death and Beyond; Steiner Life after death; out of body experience; Dreams Death […] More
Liberate Liberating Liberation Being able to take risks, not be afraid of illness and death in a paralysing way. It suggests going beyond the boundaries of one’s own limitations, concepts, present experience. It represents the enormous personal potential […] More Levitation Levitating In her book Isis Unveiled Helena Blavatsky wrote, “The condition of our physical systems, say theurgic philosophers, is largely dependent upon the action of our will. If well-regulated, it can produce “miracles”; among others a […] More Learn I believe all dreams are part of a learning process, but unfortunately it is blocked in its progress as the symbolic or allegorical level. It is much like the way we often try to understand […] More Ladybird Ladybug See Insects More Labor Labour Labours For labour connected with pregnancy see Breathing in and out of Labor and Birth – It’s Happening – A Method to shorten Labor  Example: ‘I am 48, have two children in their late teens and […] More Little People We may think of the ‘little people’ as leprechauns or fairies. If it is those you are dreaming of see fairies. But there are very real little people and maybe you are one of them, […] More
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