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Hip The hips, like the knees, are the main load bearing joints and often wear out. In dreams that can indicate your ability, or lack of it, to deal with stress. Stress can be PHYSICAL – […] More Heather The word heather comes from the word ‘heath’ which is a shrubland habitat found mainly on free-draining infertile, acidic soils, and is characterised by open, low-growing woody vegetation. It is often high ground where little […] More Headache Despite conventional thinking by many people, headaches are by no means “normal” but instead are your body’s way of saying something is wrong. Consider what the dream says about the headache. Or even as suggested in Being […] More Holy Something so beyond the limitations of our own small personality enters us and leaves its imprint. A place in which we meet oneself and or another person deeply and passionately or a way that transforms […] More Hysterectomy Having a hysterectomy doesn’t kill your woman’s ability to conceive of the new. As the examples will show. And because you are a woman, remember that you have all that creative energy built into your […] More Hurricane To dream of a hurricane can indicate many things; approaching danger, frenzied emotions; feeling as if all power has been taken from you and you are tossed around by forces you have no control over; […] More
Hunter Hunted Huntress Hunting and learning the skills of hunting can take many forms. Remember that hunting includes survival skills. Just as a fox cub ‘learns’ how to hunt from its parents without words, so we absorb the deeply etched negative and positive survival or 'hunting' strategies of our parents simply by being around them. More Hung Hanging Quite a few dreams show someone, or yourself, hung by the neck. There are many possible things this might indicate. For one thing it definitely links with is death or the possibility of death. Such […] More Hug Hugging A direct expression of warmth and the beginning of intimacy, or acting it out for social reasons. It is also an expression of enormous recognition of the other person, a meeting that can take many […] More Hut Childhood family feelings; basic uncomplicated situation or relationship. It can link with memories of holidays or a relationships on holiday. It can link with work and how you do it – with quality or slipshod. […] More Hostage In the media a hostage is often taken as a buffer against being killed, but it can also be a way to get money, or to get attention for a belief. Or a way hopefully […] More Hot Pleasurable ‘warm’ feelings; passion for someone. Hot can be pleasurable are harmful. It can destroy thing as with fire. Heat can cause pain and so one has an automatic reaction to avoid it, which is […] More
Hose Sometimes a hose can indicate ones intestines or penis. A hose can be air hose, for water or for oil, gas/petrol or to drain something, as with a dentist. Bit is usually depicts a force […] More Horoscope Inner characteristics; the tendencies to be dealt with in life; irrational or intuitive knowledge that can instruct you concerning your fundamental strengths and weaknesses. Even if the dreamer does not believe in horoscopes, he or […] More Hope Hoping Hope in a dream usually has an element of uncertainty in it. For if we were not uncertain we would not hope for something different. But in some dreams hope is the foreruuner of a […] More Holocaust In general it shows the end of the world you knew up till then. We have all experienced such end when we left the womb for life outside it, when we left childhood behind and […] More History In some dreams we find ourselves in the past, with the feeling of those times, or involving clothes of past times. This nearly always depicts, not a past life, but your own feelings about those […] More Hexagrams See Introduction to the I Ching More
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