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Kettle  Example: ‘Last week I suddenly started having a recurring dream. In it I woke, walked downstairs, went into the kitchen and looked in the kettle. It was full of little fish.’ Karen LBC. The fact […] More Kayak It probably represents your ability to survive in rough stretches of your experience. But it depends on what happens in the dream and whether you survive even in rough water and upside-down.   More Know Knowing Even the many people who ‘interpret’ their dreams have seldom moved beyond the level of thinking, and know nothing through the experience of the deep waters of the unconscious. In looking up Know or Knowing […] More Kick Kicking Self assertion; self expression; protectiveness; aggressiveness. It can indicate a tantrum, anger, and feeling hurt emotionally. See: Hostility  As you can see from the amazing amount of ways kick and kicking are used in idioms […] More Knickers Panties Mostly associated with the most intense feelings about sex, about being female, menstruation and also covering the genitals. But often covering in a way to entice a male’s sexual attention. In a male dream the […] More Kaaba This cube, holy to Islam, represents an expression of the divine will in material affairs. See: Cube. More
Kangaroo Because of its pouch the kangaroo may depict the safety of your mother’s womb, or protection. Or conversely, the safety and protection you can give. But kangaroos are also things that jump around, and could […] More Keel Similar to foundation, or basis upon which your life is built, but also represents that which holds you steady against opposing conditions. Basic personal strengths. The foundation of your personality or identity. Perhaps also the […] More Kernel The inner truth, inner value, innermost self. More Key Any attitude, thought, realisation or feeling which opens up areas of memory, experience or motivation previously ‘locked up’. A realisation or information which allows solution to a problem; also depicts an effective way of doing […] More Kidnap Kidnapped If the dreamer is the victim of kidnappers: The forces of our own fears and negative feelings are often presented as an external force or organised gang who victimise us. If such feelings are recognised […] More Kill Killed Killing Being killed: An interior or exterior influence which you feel is ‘killing’ – undermining, making ineffective, strangling, choking – ones self confidence, or sense of identity. Killing oneself: In the example the dreamer has killed […] More
King Ones father. As the father the king may depict our need for approval and loving acknowledgement or what you are ruled by so authority. This may involve feelings of inferiority / superiority. Also: In times past the […] More Kiss Acceptance of what is being kissed – Pat in the example mentioned below, accepts or allows her sexuality depicted by the cat. It can also be a sign or sexual agreement, tenderness or a movement […] More Kitchen A place of transformation where you can change parts of your nature. It also links with how well you provide for yourself or neglect your body needs. It might also portray you caring for others, […] More Kitten Feelings about vulnerability or babyhood. It could refer to feelings about caring for someone or something or someone vulnerable. Also parental urges, perhaps protectiveness, or signs or having a baby, maybe in the womb. Kittens […] More Knapsack The resources and difficulties you carry in life; your past experience or karma; a burden – perhaps of nursed anger or other negative feelings – if we feel parenthood a heavy load you may see […] More Kneel Humbleness, a receptive condition of mind; a state of awe, or acknowledgment of dependence or even defeat. See postures Humility, sometimes because of being betrayed or hurt so much you are on your knees and […] More
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