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Spirit When we see the moon and it is not full, we can see the edge where there is very marked light on one side and darkness on the other. Human life is very much like […] More Spiral Things we repeat over and over like habits; movement towards greater awareness or insight. Example: ‘We walk around, go upstairs, and I notice a staircase leading to a room or rooms. The stairs are painted […] More Santa Muerte A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees. She is a living presence in every life, and reminds us that as we go about […] More Serpent of Mexico Quetzalcoatl, the plumed serpent of Mesoamerica, if dreamt of represents a mighty force in each of us. Having feathers shows it links the highest with the lowest – earth and the sky. The picture shows […] More Seeing Saw Sight Looking at something implies our attitudes or response to what is seen. Being looked at by someone else in the dream suggests seeing oneself from a viewpoint which is not our norm. By actually attempting […] More Spoon Spooning Could indicate stirring things up or simply mixing things. Also taking small helpings or spooning it out. Spoons are often used for, tasting food to see if it is too hot or tasty. If you […] More
Secret Service CIA MI6 RAW ASIS BND GRU DGSE MSS MOSSAD ISI Every one of us is a secret agent on a wonderful, dangerous and adventurous mission. The mission is your life. It is the exploration and uncovering of a miracle – for you are a miracle. […] More Sensitivity Distance I have noticed that if one is sensitive to other people’s influence getting a distance between you can be a way to stop the influence. This is not so if one is upset in a […] More Shapes and Symbols These are a visual presentation of our own internal or psychological structure. Because the mind and emotions in some ways appear so abstract, it is difficult to have a clear image of our differences compared […] More Sapphire See Sapphire under Jewels More Spine It represent the whole spectrum of life, like a tree, the Tree of Life. It covers every aspect of our life from movement, sexuality, digestion, emotions, speech, thinking and touching the invisible. More Straight Jacket This has many possible associations – being out of control; being socially threatening; crazy and frightening behaviour, or feeling completely restricted and unable to express your feelings and motivations. This might include a sense of […] More
Stockings The situation in which the stockings are worn or seen gives the indication to their meaning – also what your feelings and associations are with stockings.  Do they appear in connection with sexual feelings, with […] More Spacesuit There are many possible associations with this. One is that you are entering a new and possibly dangerous situation or environment, and you need to protect yourself by being aware of what you face. So […] More Shorts This is often associated with relaxed, casual attitudes or being in a warm sunny environment outdoors, or with showing ones attractive legs – or revealing ones unattractive legs. In some dreams it relates to athletic activity, […] More Swimsuit Bikini Depending on the feelings in the dream it could mean you feel revealed to others in a way that might not be what you would want to appear, or that you are relaxed and open […] More Showroom This suggests feelings either of looking for something, working at something or showing an aspect of yourself as in the example. A showroom might also show how you show yourself to other people, what impression […] More Supermarket The pleasure or displeasure of shopping or looking for goods. It also involves in choosing or choices. So as with shopping it indicates what you desires; something you are looking for or want – love, […] More
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