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Song Singing Songs are a very important part of many peoples life and creativity. Huge and enthusiastic crowds gather to her women and men sing the song of their lives. These songs are the crying out of […] More Satanism I believe the findings of Stanislav Grof are extremely relevant to dreams containing Satanism. He found that satanistic themes occurred regularly in the experience of childbirth where the baby was the victim of enormous struggle. […] More Selkie A Selkie is the magic humans can do when they let the spirit of the ocean, it vastness, its storms, it hidden depths, and the childlike wonder of it fully enter one’s own soul. Then […] More Support Supporter Someone who either supports you emotionally, financially, as a member of a group or club, or even in your life direction or beliefs. A person or a group – a part of your inner life […] More Shopkeeper May relate to work if dreamer works in shop or store; relates to how one supplies one’s needs – or who supplies one’s needs – therefore might show feelings about parents. It might throw light […] More Servant Social roles – top dog under dog feelings; feeling you are treated like a servant, or treating someone else as; class distinctions. It depends on whether you are the servant or the one served. If […] More
Seduction Seductress Seduce Sexual desires; sexual drives that have not been matured into satisfactory expression in relationship with a real person; sexual longings unattached to present partner; fantasy of being loved. Because many men find breasts and bare […] More Salesman Saleswoman Someone seeking to influence you; a person offering you an opportunity; one’s business sense. Or that you are confronted by choices, perhaps because you are looking for something or ‘shopping for ideas’.   Being pressured […] More Steps in Problem Solving  The First Step – Thoughts   Thoughts and thinking are tools to be used in problem solving, but are only part of the necessary toolkit. It is important to clearly understand what a thought is, […] More Shaking Shaking someone suggest a mild sort of aggression; or could be that you want to wake them or to shake some sense into them. See vibrate More Sponge Your ability or need to absorb something, which is probably shown in the dream. But absorption, like eating, does not mean you have digested what you absorbed. See digest You can be absorbed in something […] More Smartphone See Telephone/Smartphone More
Soil See the entry Earth   More Stretch Stretching It suggest going beyond your normal limits, or extending what you are capable of. Maybe you see it as improving your health or performance.     More Synesius Synesius recognised the extraordinary ability of the dreaming mind to engage in actions on multiple levels: “In dreams one conquers, walks, or flies simultaneously, and the imagination has room for it all; but how shall […] More Straw If it is straw used in farming, it might suggest clearing up a mess left by animals, or a cleaning and giving a better environment. If you have been around horses or farms when young […] More Spirit When we see the moon and it is not full, we can see the edge where there is very marked light on one side and darkness on the other. Human life is very much like […] More Spiral Things we repeat over and over like habits; movement towards greater awareness or insight. Example: ‘We walk around, go upstairs, and I notice a staircase leading to a room or rooms. The stairs are painted […] More
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